Saturday, 3 January 2015

Somewhere Far Away (and a Weird Story)

Somewhere Far Away, September 2014
Today I'm sharing another painting, and not only is this in a different medium to the others I've posted so far, but it has a weird story to it...

Somewhere Far Away
This depicts a scene from memory, albeit a faded one...

Story time!

I don't mention it often, but I have epilepsy. Before it was diagnosed, I had a couple of experiences that the doctor called 'petit mal seizures'--a feeling of disjointedness, disconnectedness, as though in a dream.

However, unusually for those seizures (also called absence seizures), I was aware of them, and also experienced what I can only describe as having a dream whilst being fully awake.

Although all my senses were in the present, within my mind I was also standing in the sun on a black-painted balcony, gazing at a sparkling, calm azure sea and little houses just off to the side. In this 'dream', I knew that a lady with long, dark, wavy hair and tanned skin, dressed in flowing orange, would step out onto the next balcony and look out across the sea.

All the time this was going on in my mind - which must have only been for a few seconds - I was still physically seeing and hearing everything going on around me.

It was a weird experience and the more interesting 'scene' from the two similar experiences I had. The other was a darkened film set, which was always behind me. Have I broken the Matrix?!

This kind of thing only happened a couple of times, and since being on medication hasn't happened at all, so those strange experiences (which the doctors could never explain).

As for the technical aspect of this painting, it's not my best. I haven't used acrylics for a while and evidently can't paint people very well! I tried to create a 'fish eye' effect but it didn't really work. I should have used a panoramic-sized piece of paper in order to show a wider angle of view.
Still, at least the sea turned out more or less the right colour!

Medium: Acrylic on acrylic paper
Size: A5

This is painting #34 for the following goal:
#55. Create 52 paintings in 1 year
Some haven't been posted yet, and I have until the end of February!

You can find more of my paintings (better ones!) by clicking on the tag '55' or 'art'.

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  1. That kind of experience is really interesting! Have you ever seen either of those scenes in another dream or anything like that?

    Also, the colours you've used remind me of Tuscany (not that I've actually been there...) and sea looks gorgeous!