Saturday, 17 January 2015

Pathways of the Mind

The mind is a curious thing. It brings us dreams, discovers links between otherwise unrelated things, and of course chugs along merrily as we go about our daily lives. Scientists have devoted their lives to understanding the mind, whether in matters of psychology or neurology. They have tried to discover the full extent of the mind's power, and unlock the mystery of imagination.
When we let our imaginations run wild, there is no telling what our minds may come up with, nor how ridiculous and nonsensical it may appear.

Which is why the theme of this art post is Pathways of the Mind, and comprises of a nice big helping of surrealism. 

A Stage of Consciousness, January 2015
A Stage of Consciousness
A figure dances on a checkered stage, hemmed in by rock and riches. Nearby stand two structures of unknown origin, as more hover in a red sky, and all this seen from the mouth of a cave. But the dream is ending, and the scene slowly melting away.

I painted this to represent that point in slumber when you are caught between dreams and awakening--when you are conscious that you are dreaming, but powerless to affect the dream, or immediately wake from it.

Medium: Watercolour on watercolour paper
Size: A5

Crossed Paths, January 2015
Crossed Paths
Vapour trails intersect in the sky, unnoticed by the creatures on the ground below. Two have just passed--or are they about to meet? As each goes about their own business, another waits aside, to be the next to cross paths with another. Meanwhile buildings stand static and solitary, unmoving in an otherwise ever-changing environment.

This image represents thought.
The vapour trails are those thoughts that zoom through our consciousness almost too fast to acknowledge: ideas and judgements so ingrained that the thoughts spring to mind automatically.
The creatures are purposeful thought: measured considerations on events, choices, and new encounters.
Finally the buildings represent unmoving, cumbersome thought: those long-held beliefs of self-depreciation, the thoughts that prevent us from stepping forward, which do not budge no matter how we may attempt to destroy them.

Medium: Watercolour on watercolour paper
Size: A5 

A Closed Door, January 2015
A Closed Door
Whilst mountains crowd in from the distance, sharp against the red sky, a creature on the barren landscape wails at the choices that are not there: the door is closed, leading nowhere, and all that remains is a great, deep pit of darkness.

With this, I wanted to illustrate the defeat (the door), the despondency (the creature) and finally the despair (the pit) in feeling unable to take a particular step or walk along a particular pathway in life: in being unable to find that freedom, either in reality or within oneself.

Medium: Watercolour on watercolour paper
Size: A5

Well, that's three for now. Not the most cheerful of paintings, are they?!
I hope you'll find more cheer within later art posts!

As usual, this post is another step towards the completion of a goal from The List:
055. Create 52 paintings in 1 year
You can see more of my paintings here


  1. Wow. These are really impressive :)! I love them. You are so talented, too. And somehow I have the urge to paint right now (Something that usually happens whenever I watch Bob Ross*s "The Joy Of Painting". But that*s a good thing; you are inspiring!! :))

  2. Oh I love reading about the thought process behind these pieces. So interesting and what a great representation. Love them all.