Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Help! My Books are Taking Over!

Remember how, back in March, I said No More Books?

And then bought more, and then I really said No More Books.

Well, it was my birthday at the end of April. 

I received books. And money. Which I spent on books...

The picture on the left was taken on 27th April. The picture on the right was taken today, after delivery of a parcel of books (bye bye birthday money!)

I did read a book from the pile. And I gained a book from a friend which never got added to the pile, because I read it immediately. 

But then more books happened. 

It is a daily struggle as they take over more space, and I procrastinate on reading them.

These are mostly second-hand books, because a) they're cheaper b) I can't justify spending so much on new books c) most are from charity shops and therefore money to a good cause.

It's also so much easier to spend 'just 20p' or 'just £2' on a second-hand book. 
Instead of £9.99+ for one book.
Which is probably why used books are taking over my cupboard.

I should probably read more, shouldn't I?

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  1. I can feel your pain. :D I have the same problem, and recently added 7 books to my to-be-read pile, even though I thought before, "You won't spend more money on books for a month now.", but then was my birthday and it happened. LOL. But reading is a great hobby and I am sure that, once you get to read these books, you will be having a great time. *hugs* ^^