Sunday, 10 May 2015

Plate? That's a Tray! (Full English at Caffe Aldo, Brighton)

Yesterday a friend came down this way with her housemate, for a day trip to Brighton. Being local, I joined them!
As it was pouring by the time we were parked up, we opted to go for lunch first and stopped at the cafe right around the corner from the car park (it helped that their A-board advertised, in large letters, a full english breakfast).

Crammed around a table in the corner of the very busy Caffe Aldo, we made our orders and sipped tea/juice whilst waiting for our food to arrive.
After a short wait, boy were we in for a treat! The plates were huge--just look at the size in the picture, in comparison with the knifes and forks!

As Caffe Aldo also serves pizza, I'd guess these were pizza plates, well utilised for their hearty full english! Admittedly my picture does show extra bacon as one of our party doesn't like it, but even without that extra bacon this was a seriously fulfilling meal. I didn't want anything else to eat until nearly 8 o'clock that evening!

This was really good food, and the cafe had a friendly, cosy atmosphere. The fact it was so busy is testament to how good their food is, and their service was swift and efficient. Next time I'm in Brighton and I fancy a full english, I know where to go (though their over dishes sounded - and looked - pretty damn tasty too).

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