Thursday, 3 December 2015

More Weirdass KitKats


Hyper Japan was only a few days ago, and I've already eaten all of the snack food I bought there... Oh dear!
On the plus side, that includes the tiny KitKats, so I can make another chocolate post!
I seriously think Japan wins for picking the most random flavours for its chocolate...

KitKat Red Bean Sandwich
I was apprehensive about trying this, as recent experience has taught me that I'm not a fan of red beans (adzuki).
However, upon opening, I was pleased to see that this one is made with milk chocolate--my previous collection of mini Japanese KitKats were all made from white chocolate!

This KitKat has a noticeable scent of red beans, though the flavour is a lot more subtle, allowing the taste of the toast to come through (according to Tofu Cute's website, this type of KitKat is flavoured with adzuki and 'ogura toast').
I think I found a red bean product that I like!

KitKat Roasted Tea
So apparently you can roast tea!
This bar has used a specific blend of Japanese green tea as a flavour.
Not sure what kind of chocolate was used with this but from the look and smell, I would guess that it's white chocolate that has been coloured either by colourings or the tea flavouring.

However, the taste is something else entirely.
I can only liken the flavour to dunking one of those pink wafers into a cup of tea!
This was enjoyable. Would definitely eat it again!

KitKat Purple Sweet Potato
I was unaware of the existence of purple sweet potato but apparently it's a thing.
Once again this looks/smells like white chocolate (when will I learn?!) that has been coloured dusky purple.

This bar doesn't have a very strong flavour, with the chocolate most prominent and the sweet potato coming through as more of an aftertaste.
I wasn't crazy about this one.

These little Japanese KitKats bring my 'new chocolates tried' total up to 43!
I'm still working towards hitting 50!

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  1. These are so cool - you are so adventurous. I love those pink wafer cookies dipped in tea. Sigh.