Friday, 1 January 2016

Top Goals, Completed Goals & Recap of 2015

Now that 2016 is here, it's time to look back at 2015, and figure out which goals are at the top of my list for this year!

Here's a recap of how 2015 was for me.
(If you want to skip this part, I've listed the goals I completed beneath the recap).

In January, I went out with my sisters and tried iceskating for the first time, at a very interesting location. (goal #88)

I also finished posting my 52 paintings for goal #55, though I didn't make the master post until February, which was overall a quiet month for Doing A Thing.
However, I did restart my Etsy store, Little Deer Daydreams.

When March rolled around, I decided 'no more books!', because I had tonnes to read and a bad habit for buying even more.
(I didn't stick to this rule, and my book pile grew even higher...)

March was the month when I spotted a squirrel on a motorbike, went on a little trip, and froze my butt off exploring Whitby with a friend. (goals #36, 39, 48)

April was another quiet month, in which I mostly did some reading (goal #50) and made plans for the next month.

Brighton Fringe was the main event in May, when I completely exceeded goal #79 by seeing not one, but five plays, including an open air performance held in the Pavilion Gardens, a one-man show and an adaptation from a novel.

I also went to some fascinating art exhibitions (goal #10) with a neighbour.

Come June, I was ready to lazy around and do nothing!
But I was still productive: I completed an online course (goal #69) and followed the Brighton Sculpture Trail (goal #40)...which I didn't blog about until July. Whoops!
I also completed goal #50: read 3 books per month for a year. Which makes up for my blogging so slowly, I think ;)

All in all, that makes July a really quiet month regarding goals, but I did go to a couple of new cafes (goal #36) and try some great food (including the most amazing mushroom soup ever).

I also went to an anime convention at the end of July/beginning of August. Whilst I didn't blog about the event as a whole, I did write about the musical performances by Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer and Professor Elemental (goal #59) ...which in my usual long-winded blogging style, was posted in September!


August was also the month that I climbed the O2 (goal #84--my #1 priority for 2015!) with a friend, and because that wasn't enough excitement for one day, we also headed to the Hayward Gallery to check out Carsten Höller's immersive exhibition, Decision (goal #10)
In September I went to a concert in the church, performed by neo-classical/folk rock band The Moulettes. With this event, I completed goal #59: Go to 5 music events.

October turned out to be another quiet month, but I did make a skirt from a pattern (goal #89) and came up with some new goals.

November felt like a busy month, though mostly because a lot happened in the space of a few days (not all of which got blogged about!)
Early in the month I went to see Priscilla: Queen of the Desert with a couple of friends. Towards the end of the month, a friend and I went to Hyper Japan Christmas Market in London, where I tried some Japanese street food (goal #08, goal #36), tried some other food that I've never tried before (goal #44) and experienced chindonya (goal #42).

By the time December rolled around, I wasn't prepared to do anything other than Christmas-related things. But my parents and I did go to see comedian Bill Bailey perform his show Limboland at the Brighton Centre.
No blog post from this because I didn't take any pictures, but needless to say he was hilarious.
...and December was the month where I more or less forgot this blog existed. Sorry!

Still, goals-wise, 2015 was a productive year.
I completed the following goals:
008. Eat Japanese food
040. Follow the Brighton Sculpture Trail
042. Check out a different type of performance art
050. Read 3 books per month for 1 year
055. Create 52 paintings in 1 year
059. Go to 5 music events
069. Complete an online course
079. Go to see a play
084. Climb the O2
088. Go ice skating

Bolded goals were on my priority list for 2015.
Although this means I only did 1/5 of the goals I really wanted to complete, I still completed 10 goals this year--and worked on several more.

So now we're in 2016, here are the 10 goals I want to achieve this year:
010. Visit 30 museums/art galleries/exhibitions
This is probably going to take some time...

012. Complete 3 photography projects
I bought a nice DSLR in November. Time to lean how to use it and take some awesome photos!

013. Go swimming
Wanted to complete this last year, but never did.

018. Go llama trekking
Still haven't done this, but I really want to.

019. Abseil down something
Being suspended from a height by a couple of bits of rope isn't an idea I take joy in, but I want to do this to prove to myself that I can do it.

029. Listen to 2 new musical acts every week for 1 year
Suggestions welcome!

038. Go on the Brighton Sewer Tour
It's going to be stinky, but interesting

067. Sell unwanted things at a car boot fair
Still have too much stuff.

091. Make something with power tools
I need to stop being unnerved by them! Plus being able to use power tools and make things is useful.

092. Learn a new skill
I don't know what this will be yet, but I'm sure I'll come up with something.

Some of these goals come from last year's priority list. I'm determined to do this stuff (I just need the money, energy and transport capability!)


  1. Yay, that is an awesome progress!! :) I will definitely think of some music recommendations for you. Don't know whether I will come up with 104 or so (also because I believe you still need some freedom there :D), but I can definitely give you some already:

    - Deine Lakaien (from Germany... Maybe you know them already, though...)
    - Imokin Trio (from Japan :D... I actually only know one song by them, though D:... But that song is. so. cute. :D)
    - Don Huonot (from Finland)
    - Apulanta (from Finland)
    - Mia. (from Germany... Not to be confused with M.I.A. or so!)
    - Graham Gouldman (from the UK... used to be in 10CC... You probably know him already, though!)

    Maybe I can think of some more as of soon. I am quite sure there must be some left. :) Anyways, have a great 2016!!

    1. Ooh thatnks for the suggestions! I've already heard Deine Lakaien, but will look up the others!

  2. Great progress! Congrats. Llama trekking and the sewer tour sound like really upcoming things. Best of luck in 2016.