Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Anyone for a Spot of Chap Hop?

Back in July/August, I was up in Birmingham, feeding my inner nerd at Kitacon, one of the UK's anime conventions.
These conventions always have guests, and among them this year were 'chap hop' artists, Mr. Be The Gentleman Rhymer and Professor Elemental.

At first glance I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy their style of music (chap hop being like hip hop, but rather more posh-and-English)

I went along to their performance anyway, because the friends I was with wanted to go, and as another friend once said, "a free gig is a free gig."

And I found that I rather enjoy chap hop! With lyrics like 'Now, when I say "Earl Grey" you say "Yes please!"' (Professor Elemental, Cup of Brown Joy) how could I not approve?

Mr B. The Gentleman Rhymer was on first, singing entertaining ditties about being a chap as he played his banjo ukelele (...ok, so I had to wikipedia that instrument...)
(And yes, yes there is a devil of some sorts in the audience. It was an anime convention. Everybody was dressed up!)

Next up was Professor Elemental, wearing a fabulous union jack blazer and occasionally dancing around in the crowd. He and Mr B performed a few songs each time before switching, and also did a duet or two.

I know I've not written much about them here but the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so go and check them out online:
Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer (Official Site | YouTube)
Professor Elemental (Official Site | YouTube)

Both are thoroughly entertaining characters, and in the words of Mr B., 'All Hail The Chap!'


  1. That seems like a lot of silly fun! :D

  2. Checked them both out - very cool. Thanks for introducing me to chap hop.