Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Three Chocolate Bars

It's been a couple of months since I posted anything about chocolate!
The bars have been mounting up recently, as I've not been eating so much of it. But the goal is still ongoing--here's bars 32-34/50, which come from as close as the next town and as far as Japan!

Lindt Kirsch
Milk chocolate with a kirsch liquid filling.
This is packaged in silver foil, inside a red and gold box, so it seems quite luxurious.
Alright, so I love Lindt chocolate as it is, and I enjoy alcohol, and I like cherries, so all in all this seemed like a good idea!

I didn't read the packaging properly so didn't realise the filling was liquid until I bit into a piece, which made it surprising. There's what appears to be a layer of crunchy sugar stuff on the hollowed where the kirsch is; not sure if it's where the chocolate has been sitting in my cupboard during the heat, or if it's meant to be that way. Either way, it's delicious.


"Milk chocolate with caramel flavour and Cornish sea salt"
A Cornish friend sent this one to me and it's been, like many other chocolate bars, waiting for me to eat it.
This chocolate bar is handcrafted in Cornwall, and made using sustainably grown cocoa, according to the information on the back.

The sea salt in the bar really provides a great contrast to the sweetness of the chocolate. I should note, that unlike other caramel chocolate bars, this chocolate has caramel flavour, rather than a liquid filling. It makes the taste that little bit more subtle, but nonetheless tasty.
This chocolate is really good, and I think I'm going to struggle not to eat it all in one sitting!

Bought from a stall at an anime convention, this chocolate bar originates from Japan!
It comes in a foil and paper wrapping, and looks super classy. I can't read the majority of the original labelling, but there's a sticker on the back that lists the nutritional information and ingredients in English. Apparently it contains 'crustaceans and fish product'...? I'm assuming it's just made in a place that handles such things, as those aren't in the actual ingredients list! Another unusual factor is it contains Vitamin E...? Wow, what a chocolate bar!

The chocolate itself is what I think of as 'candy chocolate'--sugar is the first ingredient! It doesn't have a particularly strong flavour, or even a strong level of sweetness. I suppose it is something like dark/plain chocolate, though the chocolate itself is lighter in appearance than the dark chocolate I'm used to!
Either way, it is nice!

I bought some other Japanese chocolate from the same stall, but will blog about those at another time.

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