Thursday, 24 September 2015

Music, Wine, House Divine

Yesterday evening, I went to church, but did not worship.
Instead, I saw Moulettes, a fantastic band who I'd not even listened to until Tuesday evening!

After hearing the band on YouTube, I'd promptly forwarded links to a local friend, whose response was 'I am digging this!'. Then I collared my Dad and made him listen too. So the three of us went to the show together. Was slightly surprised to find a tiny bar set up, selling wine to us punters! Is it really okay to serve alcohol in a church...?! (Evidently. I think the vicar was drinking it too!)

The gig was part of Hurst Festival, which I wrote about last year, and held in the Holy Trinity Church, so you can imagine how fantastic the acoustics were!

Moulettes are a massively talented bunch who employ a whole range of instruments in their songs. Until this concert, I'd never seen any live performance that involved a bassoon or an autoharp!

The music is a real mishmash of progressive, psychedelic, neo-classical, folk rock, and I don't know what else. Lyrically, their songs are imaginative and inspired; the female-led vocal harmonies really show off the members' brilliant vocal abilities.

I really enjoyed seeing this band (and definitely had a 'daaamn this is great music' moment). As seen in the image above, the gig attracted people of a really wide age-range! During the intermission, a lot of people seemed to be impressed by what they'd seen so far!

The band had a merchandise table, which included CDs, T-shirts and....tea towels! (Could you get any more British?!)
I ended up picking up copies of their albums, because I have little restraint when it comes to music at gigs.
The recorded music sounds great too, but honestly, this is a band who you need to see live in order to appreciate their full talents.
If you happen to live in Canada, lucky you--they're just about to embark upon a Canadian Tour. (I mention this because I knooooow some of you live in Canada. :P )

You can find more information on Moulettes at their Official Homepage, including various social media links.

With this gig, I've completed a goal from The List, yay!
059. Go to 5 music events
It's taken me far too long to complete this goal, haha. This was one of my favourite shows, alongside last year's Sukekiyo gig.
The rest of my music event rambling can be found on the 59 tag.

Now go and listen to Moulettes! Look, here's their YouTube. See how easy I made it for you? :P

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