Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Have a (tiny) Break...

 ...with the tiniest KitKats!

I picked these Japanese KitKats up at a stand at Kitacon, but hadn't eaten them until now, so that I could blog about them!
Also, I procrastinated over trying to figure out what one of them said...

KitKat Bakeable Cheesecake
Apparently you can 'bake' this chocolate bar, using an open toaster (that's what all the text is about).
I wasn't sure about that, so I decided to eat one of the little fingers on its own, and stick the other one under the grill!

The chocolate is slightly softer than a usual bar. I gathered from the wrapper (having fed the text through an online translator!) that there's extra oil in it to help with the baking...?
The chocolate doesn't smell particularly appealing, though I'm not a fan of white chocolate. Flavour-wise it isn't overpowering, and if not for the flavour being written on the wrapper, I probably wouldn't have known!

'Baking' it (or in my case, whacking it under the grill for a couple of minutes) has a predictable result: the chocolate melts! Strangely enough, the flavour becomes more noticeable like this.
Overall I didn't really like this one.

KitKat Rum Raisin
Rum and raisin sounds like a good combination, right?
Unfortunately this is white chocolate again (did I mention that I don't like white chocolate?!)

This bar smells sweet and fruity. The raisin flavour is most prominent when chewing, whereas the rum flavour comes along as an aftertaste.
Thankfully there's no strong white chocolate flavour, but I think I can only summarise this flavour as 'okay'.

KitKat Wasabi
This one seemed too ridiculous to pass by! I bought it feeling curious to discover how wasabi chocolate would actually taste, and also how hot it is! (Wasabi being Japanese horseradish)
Once again this is made of white chocolate (I'm not doing well here am I?) This time it has been coloured pale green.

The bar doesn't smell of wasabi, it just smells sweet. However, when it comes to the eating, the wasabi flavouring becomes evident immediately. Combined with the sweetness of the chocolate, this is something of a weird flavour. It isn't at all hot, either.
Of the three mini KitKats, this is probably the one I enjoyed the most, mainly for the weird flavour. However, I wouldn't eat one of these again.

These teeny tiny KitKats (seriously they were about 2 inches long) were the last of my Kitacon chocolate purchases, and bring my chocolate bar goal count to 37 out of 50!
I have a pile of other bars waiting to be tried out, but a little at a time is definitely better than gorging myself (tempting though it may be...)
More chocolate on the blog soon(ish!)

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