Monday, 11 January 2016

Put Some Whisky In It

So here it is: my final selection of chocolate for goal 50!
It's hard to believe that I've tried out 50 chocolate bars now! It seems that not long ago, I was watching Heston Blumenthal at a chocolatier's on TV and thinking, 'Chocolates? Now there's an idea'
Whilst some have been the same flavour, different brands have created that in different ways, or put a new spin on how the flavours are combined.

Anyway, here are the final three chocolate bars!

M&S Rose & Violet Dark Chocolate
This 69% dark chocolate comes wrapped in clear plastic, inside a box that opens at the side.
The chocolate is a nice dark shade, and the scents of rose and cocoa are really prominent! The violet flavour is subtle, almost lost in the strong taste of the chocolate and rose: there and then gone again as soon as you notice it!

Overall, the flavour is somewhat lacking as the cocoa overwhelms the flavourings used. Considering that sugar is the second item on the ingredients list, this chocolate isn't particularly sweet, so the flavour isn't even enhanced by sweetness.
The bar is thin, and despite being sectioned into chunks, is hard to break off into said chunks.
Although I could easily eat this bar in one go, I probably wouldn't eat it again.

Montezuma's Open Sesame
Milk chocolate with caramelised sesame and sunflower seeds.
As with other Montezuma's bars, this one was wrapped in plastic beneath a colourful box.
This is the first milk chocolate I've eaten in a while and it's actually a relief to see it!
The chocolate smells very sweet, and the chunks break cleanly.

Taste-wise, the chocolate itself reminds me of Easter egg chocolate, with the seeds giving it a more 'grown up' flavour. The seeds within the bar also add texture to the bar, and are satisfyingly crunchy!
I thought this one might be a chocolate bar I'd only try the once, but I'd definitely eat another in future!

Lindt Whisky
Milk chocolate with a whisky liquid filling.
Once again, this is a double-wrapped bar (foil-wrapped inside the sideways-opening box)
The alcohol content in this chocolate was obvious from the moment I opened the foil!

When it comes to flavour, this is a good mix of whisky and Lindt's well-known chocolate. It is similar to Lindt's kirsch chocolate in that the liquid-filled chunks have a slightly crunchy inner coating (assumedly sugar or something, I don't know).
This is a boozy, naughty treat, and a good way to finish off my '50 new chocolates' goal. (Thanks to Sara for gifting it to me!)

So there we have it, the last of my 50 new-to-me chocolates, and I can cross a goal off The List:
064. Eat 50 different chocolates
Massive thanks to all the friends and family who have provided random chocolate bars over the course of this goal. You've helped hugely!
It's been a long and fattening ride, and now I think I'll go eat some vegetables!

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