Sunday, 3 January 2016

Chocolate Orange (But Not As You Know It)

A selection of orange-flavoured chocolate

I'm coming closer to my goal of trying 50 new chocolates, and only recently have I really hit on the idea of trying them in themed selections!
This group of bars are all flavoured with orange, and in some cases go that little bit further to provide a unique taste.

Montezuma Orange and Geranium Organic Chocolate

Montezuma's Orange & Geranium
After opening the smart-looking black box and peeling back the plastic wrapper, the most noticeable thing about this chocolate is the smell. The geranium scent is really strong, though if I didn't know better I would have thought it was rose!

Montezuma Dark Chocolate with Orange and Geranium

This is organic chocolate, and suitable for vegans. The chocolate is firm yet easy to break.
Being dark chocolate, the cocoa flavour is strong, with the orange coming through as an undertone. I think the geranium scent plays a big part in the flavour of this bar, as I couldn't taste it that easily.
However, I enjoyed this chocolate and would eat it again!

Sainsburys Candied Orange Dark Chocolate

Sainsbury's Belgian Dark Chocolate with Candied Orange
This dark chocolate, from Sainsbury's 'Taste the Difference' line, comes wrapped in both foil and a card box, so it's possible to keep the bar fresh between portions.
Now. As you can see on the colour coding on the bottom right corner of the box, this isn't the healthiest of treats--but do we care?
The chocolate is firm and the orange scent is reminiscent of the orange flavoured soft-centre chocolates found in boxes of Roses.

Taste the Difference Belgian Dark Chocolate with Candied Orange

Unlike aforementioned soft-centres, this bar isn't so sweet. Bits of orange are included within the chocolate, which enhances the texture.
When it comes to portion sizes on chocolate bars, I normally find myself cackling at something as measly as '2 pieces' (whilst stuffing half the bar into my mouth). But with this bar, 2 pieces of chocolate are enough to sate that chocolate craving.
Which I'd say is pretty good.
(And it's Fairtrade).

Doisy and Dam Dark Chocolate with Goji and Orange

Doisy & Dam Goji & Orange
74% organic dark chocolate
I was surprised when I opened the cute little box containing this bar, to find the chocolate was wrapped in copper-coloured foil underneath, as I'd expected foil-paper, or plastic wrap.
The bar itself is split into bite-size chunks, which contain goji berries. Judging from the ingredients, the orange flavour is provided by orange essence, though I didn't really taste much of that in the bar.

Doisy and Dam Organic Chocolate with Goji and Orange

Each chunk is slightly thicker than what's found on the average chocolate bar, which makes sense considering it has to accommodate the goji berries! Being dark chocolate it isn't particularly sweet, which allows the goji flavour to come through.
This bar is gluten free and suitable for vegans, and also handmade in the UK!
I quite liked it, but being a sugar fiend, would have enjoyed it more had it been a little sweeter.

Pana Chocolate with Fig and Wild Orange

Pana Chocolate Fig & Wild Orange
Raw and organic chocolate made with 70% cacao.
This bar was handmade in Australia, which makes it the furthest-away chocolate bar I've tried (okay, so I bought it from a shop 10 miles away, but still!)
Beneath the sealed box, the chocolate bar is wrapped in foil-backed paper that bears the same design as the front of the box. I thought this gave it a real quality feel. This is one of the more expensive bars that I've tried, but the packaging instantly makes it appear worth the cost.
The bar itself is split into six squares, with the slogan 'Love the Earth' printed on the surface.

Raw Chocolate With Fig and Wild Orange by Pana Chocolate

I found the chocolate had an interesting scent: a rich, enticing combination of the cocoa and fruit.
The chocolate itself is much softer than most of the other chocolate I've tried, and also slightly crumbly, though I wonder if this is a trait of raw chocolate? This softness made is a little messy to eat, as it felt like it was melting beneath my fingertips!
Although this bar contains no added sugar, the subtle sweetness of the figs and richness of the cocoa makes further sweetening unnecessary, as the flavour is perfectly balanced. (My only gripe is I can't really taste any orange in it!)
As well as being beautifully made raw and organic, this bar is suitable for vegans, low GI, and free for dairy, gluten, soy and refined sugar.
Despite the cost of the bar, I would definitely eat this one again!

These bring the chocolate count up to 47! Three more to go!
To see others I've tried, check the chocolate tag!

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