Friday, 3 April 2015

Whitby Trip (Part 1, Including a Squirrel on a Motorbike)

As I blogged previously, I recently went on a day trip to Whitby with my friend Sara.
Our journey took us through the North Yorkshire moors, which looked rugged and stunning beneath the cold blue skies!

This post is part 1, focused on Whitby town, but we also went to Whitby Abbey and ate in a couple of great cafes, which I'll write about in separate posts.

Something that really stood out to me in Whitby was the number of independent shops. Spread through winding and narrow streets we found sweet shops, jewellers (selling Whitby Jet, of course), gift shops, clothing shops, and plenty of fish and chip shops! I loved the window display for the tiny chocolatier's, above. We went in to have a look and it smelt delicious, too! :)

There was also a great little indoor market type of place, where I found the amazing Whitby Crafts,which is filled with jewellery making and sewing paraphenalia that I would love to be able to find closer to home! I was tempted by some fabrics, but in the end I was good, and just bought some little metal charms for jewellery.

The streets had a lot of little passageways leading off of them. I was amused at the name of this one: 'Arguments Yard'. Wonder what the significance is behind the name?

The town is separated by a bridge; on one side most of the shops are quaint independent places, whilst the other has more of the modern, run of the mill establishments you'd find in any town (such as charity shops, yay!) However this side of the town still had some fantastic independently run shops. I eyed some great printed tights rather longingly (didn't buy because they wouldn't have fit), found a wonderful place that sells second-hand alternative clothing for people (where I nearly bought some trousers exactly like a pair I once had), and parted with more money when I stumbled upon a shop that sold tonnes of incense, which I can't find in my area.
 Basically the shops were awesome. I wish there were more places like this around here!

Also saw a few amusing sights in Whitby, such as a polar bear on the top of Holland & Barrett!

...but also this taxidermy. I'm not particularly fond of taxidermy, but couldn't help giggling at the squirrel on the motorbike, or the bunny on the Barbie moped!

From the town, we took the 199 steps up to the Church of St Mary, and Whitby Abbey, which brings me to the end of this part. This final picture was taken from the (very windy) hillside, where I spied this little ship coming into the harbour.

Soon I'll post about the church and the abbey, and also one of my favourite things: food!

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