Monday, 27 April 2015

Let's Play in May!

May is nearly here, and with it comes Brighton Festival and Brighton Fringe!

Last year, I went to several free events and exhibitions that were happening as part of Brighton Festival/Fringe, and also went to a ticketed comedy/music show.

I might have gone to more, but due to lack of organisation, I didn't find out about any of the events until it was too late to buy tickets.

This year I am far more organised! I've got tickets to several plays, and plan to head into Brighton for some of the free events too, especially art exhibitions.

Here are my plans so far:

Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward  (Theatre)
The tale of a novelist who asks a medium to hold a seance at his house to help him with his next book...only to end up being haunted by the ghost of his first wife, who causes havoc between him and his second wife, who can't see or hear the ghost.
This screams 'funny' at me, and is also held in a really sweet-looking theatre.

Vlad the Impaler (Theatre)
"Founding Father of Romania or Monster who inspired the Dracula legend? Award-winning Brighton Theatre tells a lunchtime tale of horror and dark comedy that resonates down the centuries."
Vlad Tepes is a historical figure that I've read a few books about, so I felt I couldn't miss this play!

Shakespeare in the Garden (Theatre)
Across three days, three different Shakespeare plays - Henry V, Coriolanus and The Comedy of Errors - will be performed in the Pavilion Gardens.
As somebody who struggled to study Shakespeare at school, I want to see at least one of these performances, in the hope that I can get some enjoyment out of it!

An Audience with Henry VIII (Theatre)
"Henry has been waiting 468 years to meet God and he's running out of patience." 
Henry VIII is probably the most notorious English monarch and like with Vlad Tepes, I've read a fair few books either about him, or set during his reign. Definitely have to see this--it sounds funny.

Wyrd Sisters (Theatre)
A story of three witches, in a world shaped like a disc, which is balanced on the back of four elephants, who ride upon the back of a giant turtle, A'Tuin, who swims through space...
I am a Discworld/Terry Pratchett nerd so of course I have to see this!

Gauge (Art)
" investigation into weather, water and scale..."

Pitch Perfect (Music)
A whole heap of musicians playing in different spots around the Royal Pavilion estate. Saw some great acts last year.

A Murmuration (Art)
A collaborative art project responding to the 'migration' theme of this year's Brighton Festival

Dawn Chorus (Art)
An immesive multiscreen installation by Marcus Coates, exploring the relationship and similarities between humans and birds. This has actually been running since the beginning of April but I haven't had a chance to go and look. The gallery this is held in is a decommissioned church, so I imagine that will really lend itself well to the installation.

On top of being potentially awesome, these events/exhibitions will count towards a couple of my goals, too!
010. Visit 30 museums/art galleries/exhibitions
079. Go to see a play 

I'll be writing up about these events over the coming month, so keep checking back!

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