Friday, 3 April 2015

Pre-Easter Trip!

Some may remember that last April, I went to visit a friend in Scunthorpe, and we ended up going to S-con (Scunthorpe's very own annual anime event) and Lincoln.
This year I visited Sara again for the purposes of S-con and Adventures in Northern Towns.

This time around the town in question was Whitby, which is a couple of hours drive from Scunthorpe, so it was a long day.
I'll write a couple of posts about Whitby as I took loads of pictures at the abbey, some in the town, and we also ate in a few places, so I want to blog about those separately.
Once again this trip helped towards some goals...
36. Eat/drink in 30 new places
39. Explore 30 towns/cities/villages
48. Visit 5 different counties
Hurrah, progress!  

As for S-con itself, it was laid back and fun; once again I helped Sara on the Bring and Buy, and this time I sold stuff! I made £30, which just about covered my travel costs. Result!   

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