Monday, 6 April 2015

Whitby Trip (Part 2: The Food!)

A few days ago, I posted about some of the things I saw when my friend Sara and I went on a trip to Whitby. Including a squirrel on a motorbike.

This post is about the food!

The Cabin Cafe, just across the road from the station car park, was our first port of call. We were freezing and starving, and big mugs of tea and sausage baps had never been more of a welcoming sight!
I didn't get any pictures of our food because we both scoffed it as soon as it reached the table, so you'll have to take my word for it that, simple as a sausage in a bread roll is, it was damn tasty.
Our tea was served in brightly-coloured 'Moshi Monsters' mugs, the perfect size for wrapping chilled fingers around. The cafe has a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. It also had some really cute Easter baskets in the window!
Would definitely go back to this one. Those sausage baps were yummy.

Our second stop for sustenance was at Marie Antoinette's, which we went to on the way back from a windy walk around Whitby abbey.

At first glance this place looks utterly tiny, and noisy due to the coffee machine, but there are two charming little rooms upstairs also kitted out with chairs and tables. Since downstairs was packed, we went up to one of these, and ended up nabbing a table in the corner of the back room.

I had more presence of mind to take pictures this time around (I was not starving, nor completely frozen!) though neglected to take any of the other rooms in the cafe as I didn't want to bother people.

Sara and I had tea (of course!) and cake - lemon cheesecake for her, and chocolate torte for me (as if I'd pick anything other than chocolate!)
The tea was just what we needed after roaming the abbey ruins, and my chocolate torte went down a treat!

I was amused to see that, in true Marie Antoinette style, those infamous words were appended to the receipt: 'let them eat cake'. And didn't they just!

Both these little stop-offs count towards one of the goals on The List:
36. Eat/drink in 30 new places
Another two towards the count, and very much enjoyed!

Next post will be of St Mary's Church, and Whitby Abbey!

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