Tuesday, 28 February 2017

February Roundup & 365

Watching Clouds With Little Friends (33/365)

It doesn't seem like almost a month has passed since I made my last roundup post!

Most of what I did in February was walk, clean, and take photos for my 365 Project (goal #65).
I also went on a daytrip, customised some shoes, and spent several days dealing with some particularly unpleasant visitors...

Photography-wise, I did quite well this month. Since February divides into 4 lots of 7, I decided to focus on a different aspect of photography every seven days.

I also took more photographs for my project, A Strange Pair (part of goal #12), but I'll post those at a later date!

As with the last roundup, you can click on the smaller pictures to view a larger version.

February 1-7

I worked with macro photography, making good use of my macro lens conversion kit!

Purple Mountains (32/365)
Dreams of Autumn (34/365)
Cactus Blue (35/365)
Reproduce (36/365)
Feelers (37/365)
Diamonds on Jade (38/365)
My conversion kit isn't perfect -  if I use too short a focal length, I get a black vignette around the corners of the image - and of course it isn't going to work as well as a proper macro lens, but it's good enough for what I use it for.

Two of the photos in this set ended up rotated 90 degrees from the original, because I decided they looked better that way. Can you tell which ones they are?

Racing Thoughts (39/365)
February 8-14

The second 'week' of February, I chose shutter speed as my topic, specifically those outside the usual range that I use. This resulted in images where objects were 'frozen' in movement (fast shutter speed) and those where movement was blurred or ghostly (short shutter speed).

Catch (41/365)
Colour Fall (40/365)
Handbrake Turn (44/365)
Got That Spark (43/365)
Storytellers (42/365)
Incomplete (45/365)

There is one photo here that very clearly isn't anything special, as it sticks out like a sore thumb!

Storytellers was a last-minute, I-Don't-Have-Energy-For-This snapshot after I spent the entire day cleaning my room, lumping furniture around, and washing or freezing all of my clothes and fabrics.

This is all thanks to the 'irritation' I mentioned at the beginning of this post:

Carpet Moths.

I found an infestation of them unde a box in my room on Friday night (when I photographed Catch).
This is the second time I've had carpet moths in my room, and the second time the larvae have munched into my carpet. B*stards!

Most of what I found under my bed was coccoons and cases (empty coccoons, argh) but there were a few worms/larva too (like in the top of the picture). The white powder in the photo is moth killer, because I went a little crazy spreading it all the way around my room.

I'll spare you the long, drawn out story of how the next few days played out.

The positive side of this Moth Drama is that my room is incredibly clean, I rationalised my wardrobe, and my fitted cupboards now have nice wood-effect vinyl tiles on the floor, fitted by yours truly, instead of the old carpet that used to be there!

What Remains (50/365)
February 15-21

With regards photography, I decided I would really challenge myself this time and opt to take photos only in black and white...
...or as it happened, shoot in colour and convert to black and white, because it took me most of the week to realise my camera had a 'monochrome' setting!

Nest (46/365)
In A Flap (47/365)
Italy (48/365)
Balcombe Viaduct (49/365)
Muddy Boots (51/365)
Make Your Own Sparkles (52/365)

Shooting in black and white was particularly challenging. With black and white photography, there is no colour to attract the eye, so viewers are more drawn to textures, light, dark and shadow. I tried to take this into account with my photographs!

In A Flap was taken on my day trip to Portsmouth, which is when I drank tasty bubble tea and completed goal #36: Eat/drink in 30 new places! The day trip also meant I completed goal #82: Go on a day trip (over 30 mins away).

Balcombe Viaduct was a real 'lucky break' kind of image, as I snapped it on my phone, from the window of a moving car!

Whilst Muddy Boots is testament to the state of the fields I walk in, Make Your Own Sparkles documents a craft I got up to after visits to two different branches of Primark resulted in my being unable to find the gold glittery boots that I wanted in my size.

So I bought some plain ones, and made my own...

I'll count this as part of goal #80 (Refashion/upcycle 3 items of clothing) and will write a proper post for it soon!

Over The Pond (56/365)

February 22-28

These last seven days, I chose to centre my photography around one of the genres I struggle with: landscape photography.
I think it's particularly difficult to shoot landscapes this time of year, when the sky is grey for most of the daylight hours, and half the time also raining!

Lunchtime (53/365)
Storms Over the Mountain (54/365)
Waiting (59/365)
Close Quarters (57/365)
I'm Gettin' Outta Here (55/365)
Lines (58/365)

Landscape photography is still a struggle for me, despite spending a week focusing on it.
I spent ages seeking out interesting scenes, though became apathetic about The Great Outdoors, especially after it rained pretty much every single day.
Therefore most of this set of photos was taken on my phone, whilst my DSLR stayed safely in the dry!

I feel frustrated at my lack of activity this month, with the exception of going out to take photographs. I really want to have more to write about, more to tell my friends about, more to Instagram--interesting things.
Roll on March, and may it be Filled With Good Things.

February summary:
Bl**dy moths. Sparkly shoes (goal 80). Photographs (goals 65 & 12). Day trip (goal 82). Bubble tea (goal 36)

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  1. As I've commented on most of this before, I'll just say: those boots look gloriously sparkly in full colour! Nice job! :D