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January Roundup & 365

Into the Fog (23/365)
Since I plan to take a vast number of photos this year as part of my 365 Project (goal #65), I decided to post monthly round-ups to look back at what I've done over the past month, and share the photos I've taken in places other than Instagram and 365 Project.

Rings (12/365)
Ideally, I'd post the roundups at the start of each month, but this one is a few days late as I've been ridiculously tired lately. The weather certainly hasn't helped--cold, dreary wet, and occasionally fairly windy!

My roundups might not always take the format of this first one; I'll play around with that over the months and tailor each one according to the photos and what I've got done.

So here's how my January has been...
Day Out (26/365)
Despite the miserable weather, I did manage a couple of days out this month, one of which was a trip to Horsham, where I escaped the bitterly cold wind and roamed around the surprisingly large Horsham Museum, which is full of interesting things!

Pink Passage (22/365)
It was actually my second trip to Horsham in January; the first time was on the previous Sunday (when the museum was shut, but I did find this little alley that goes straight under a house!)
Needless to say, it was just as cold as the second trip, though thankfully dry on both days!

Shrimp (17/365)
The weather this month wasn't entirely horrible, however, as the day I went to Brighton to take photos (whilst my sister was getting a new tattoo) turned out to be wonderfully sunny, which made the winter chill somewhat more pleasant.

It was on this trip that I ended up getting tea and a very tasty tiffin slice at a cafe along the seafront. That takes me one step closer to finishing goal #36 (eat/drink in 30 new places).

Make a Selection (21/365)
A second trip to Brighton, this time with Mum, wasn't quite as sunny as the first, but it was equally yummy as we ate at Ed's Easy Diner. Their hot dogs are delicious, and they have cute little jukeboxes on the tables.

4 (4/365)
Just like the weather, January itself (and my mood) was a very up and down kind of month (to be honest, it was mostly a 'down' kind of month....much like the weather...). We were barely into the year when we had to have our ca Alfie put to sleep. He was a very affectionate, cuddly cat, and is very much missed.

Snooze (14/365)
Of course, we still have two other cats in the household. Alfie's sister, Cfer, is also cuddly, and has several places where she likes to curl up to nap (when she isn't chasing around ping pong balls!)

Pose (19/365)
Then we have Riley, who is a few years younger than Cfer and quite a character. It's usually pretty difficult to take photos of him, so I was lucky to get this shot of him looking at the camera!

Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls (30/365)
Alongside the cats, we also sometimes have a visit from this soppy fool, Chevy, who belongs to my little sister. Though he's bigger than the cats, he knows they are the boss of him.

Camera Shy (16/365)
He's also a little camera shy. Easily as difficult to photograph as Riley!

Smile (11/365)
I tend to be fairly camera shy too - I much prefer to be behind the camera - but I also hate to bother people to help me, so some of the portrait ideas I have are going to end up being self-portraits. The first one for my 365 Project is a re-do of an idea I played around with for A-Level Photography, though back then I had a model in the form of a classmate!

That aside, it felt more self-expressive to make this one a self-portrait, and I got to make use of my camera remote. :)

The Five Hour Two Hour Project (7/365)
I ended up staying inside a lot during January. Putting aside factors such as the weather, energy levels and mood, there have been very few events on in the local area to catch my interest!

But whilst Staying Indoors, I did design some costumes (goal #53) and crochet a hat (goal #52), which I've been wearing a lot when I go for walks in the countryside!

New Year's Parliament (1/365)
After a few months of Not Walking, I've been trying to get out for walks a couple of times each week, even if it's only a stroll to the shops and back. Since completing my walking goal last year, I've become a bit lax in getting exercise in the fresh air (it was too hot, then too wet, then too cold).

Three Thoughtful Trees (2/365)
My lack of walking meant I ended up having trouble with my knees if I walked too much (such as on my trip to Brighton, when I ended up walking just over 10 miles, and an earlier walk of around 4.5 miles). It's due to the lack of exercise, so I'm starting with shorter walks first, to help strengthen my muscles again!

Lost and Found (10/365)
Fortunately I have a pair of wellies (the ones above are, obviously, not mine!) so the immense amount of mud in the countryside isn't an issue.

Snags and Brambles (24/365)
This means I can tramp through frost and dew-soaked sheep fields, and all I really have to worry about is brambles (and taking photos, because I'm also making the effort to take a camera with me when I go walking).

Frosty Morning (20/365)
Owning a decent pair of wellies (which I picked up at the South of England show last summer) also means I can comfortably walk across the fields to where I volunteer. On rainy days I'd take the bus, and on muddy days I used to take the paved route along the roads, but the route through the fields is much more peaceful.

Small Friend (8/365)
Though the trees might be bare at this time of year, there's still a lot of nature around to be seen. Squirrels leaping through trees, deer forraging through the undergrowth, and all kinds of birds. In January I saw three different birds that I've never seen before (turnstone, redwing, and black-headed gull, if you're wondering). Being out in nature certainly has its advantages...

Frozen (18/365)
...even if it is freezing cold!

That Sinking Feeling (25/365)
Of course, no matter what the weather is like, or what is happening, there will always be days when I simply do not want to leave the house.

Mermaid (3/365)
Days like those (and days when the weather is utterly atrocious) are good days for trying something a little different, photography-wise, whether it's something abstract...

Shiny Copper (5/365)Out in the Fields (31/365)
Prickle (9/365)Circling the Stars (29/365)
...or practising with macro shots (because I am really digging macro shots recently)

Portal (28/365)
The macro conversion kit I bought for my lens is pretty good (and was much, much cheaper than buying a separate lens) so I've been getting lots of practise with it! I can also unscrew it from the lens and take weird upside-down, shot-through-a-frame photos like the one above.

Around Face (6/365)
Sometimes, my photo for the day has simply been shot with my iPhone. Though the image quality isn't nearly as good, the tiny lens allows me to take photos such as the one above, which was shot through a pair of antique binoculars! (The subject of the photo is one of the paintings I did for goal #6)

Peeling (15/365)Strange Flowers (27/365)
Of course, the Great Outdoors still has a lot to offer, and with the walking I plan to do, there will undoubtedly be a lot more nature photos over the coming months!

Sundown (13/365)
I still have other ideas for photography, including separate photography projects to work on (such as A Strange Pair) and the theme challenges at Delightful Aberrations (though I'll likely submit my photos for that as part of my 365 Project). As the weather improves, I'll hopefully be getting out there and actually Doing Things more frequently--even if it is just a walk in the woods.

January Summary:
Took many photos. Crocheted a hat. Designed some outfits. Walked and found mud. 

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