Saturday, 28 January 2017

Brighton Seafront Photography

As I mentioned the other day, I recently took a trip into Brighton to take some photos, mostly along the seafront between Palace Pier and the beach huts in Hove.
I uploaded one as part of my 365 Project, but here are some others from that day.

Though I am usually guilty of snapping away merrily without thought, I put more consideration into my photography this time.

A lot of my shots were pretty run-of-the-mill; I'm pretty sure everyone who has been to Brighton has taken photos of the skeletal remains of West Pier! Years ago, I took a similar photo to the one above, which entirely by accident ended up looking over-exposed to the point of being black and white. I tried to create a better version of it in the image above, with intentional overexposure and just a hint of colour.

Besides the typical shots, I tried to capture things I would normally pass with a second thought, such as the reflections in puddles on the promenade...

...and also details like the old pillars of West Pier, which remain embedded deeply in the beach, and have weathered over time...

...or bear details that someone (or maybe several someones) have clearly spent time etching patterns into!

Brighton has a lot of street art, and the seafront is no exception. Whilst a lot of work is hidden away in back alleys and side-roads, other work remains right out in the open.

Sometimes it seems as though it's everywhere you look!

No trip to the seaside is complete without spotting some beach huts, so though it meant a longer walk along a plainer part of the seafront, I strolled furhter along to Hove, where there stands a long line of them.
Since I was there, I walked all the way to the end of the beach huts, then walked back towards the piers via the road.

It's been a long time since I was in Brighton for the sole reason of wandering (normally I go there to shop or attend an event) but it was pleasant, and the clear sunny skies gave me ample opportunity to take lots of photographs!

I took a lot of photos of street art too, but I'll leave those to post another time!

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  1. Gorgeous architecture shots and the texture on the pillars looks like squid tentacles or something. <3 Also, the few pieces of street art you shared in this post are so cool! I hope you do share more here soon. :D