Monday, 2 January 2017

A Mermaid at the Film Premiere

Garden Punk (01/50)

One of my goals on The List, which I've picked as one of my top ten this year, is this:
53. Design 50 outfits/costumes
This basically means any kind of outfit/costume, be it simple or outlandish, daywear or evening wear, streetwear or theatre costume.

I started this goal in 2014 with the 'Garden Punk' design above, which I drew when I was trying to figure out what to do with some fabric I'd picked up at a charity shop.
Then...I drew no more.

Come end of 2016, and I got started on more designs!
For the time being, I decided to design outfits for some of the characters in my Folk Tales of the Sea People stories.

So here are the first handful of designs, which I've come up with over the past few days.
(Click photos to see bigger versions)

 Cadogan Browne (02/50)
From: Folk Tales of the Sea People Introduction

+ Blue-grey tailcoat with grey collar and gold mermaid-design buttons.
+ Black hat with band to match tailcoat.
+ Dark grey trousers and gloves
+ Off-white shirt
+ Dark blue cravat
+ Black boots
+ Wooden cane
+ Worn brown leather satchel

Halwyn (Transformation) (03/50)
From: Halwyn, or A Pinch of Salt
(I drew this as a half-and-half of two versions - sea and land - but am counting it as a single design, for her transformation between Selkie and Human)

+ Long-sleeved, floor-length brown faux suede dress with uneven neckline and seal tail-like quilted train, all embellished with black rhinestones

+ Long-sleeved brown faux suede minidress with uneven hem/neckline/cuffs and black rhinestones
+ Flesh-toned leggings (dancewear fabrics) with patches of faux suede, and black rhinestones

Both: Long cloak with hood and wooden fastening; gold charm on bracelet depicting a footprint on land. Sleeves are part faux suede, part flesh-toned dance fabric, to give the appearance that the suede 'pelt' is part of the skin.

Halwyn (Seaweed version) (04/50)
From: Halwyn, or A Pinch of Salt 

+ Floor-length dress with tail-like train, made from sewn-together strips of green wet-look fabric.
+ Flesh-toned, black rhinestone-embellished insert from navel to collar
+ Cloak from same fabric as dress, with high neck and many inside pockets

Halwyn's Father, The King (05/50)
From: Halwyn, or A Pinch of Salt  

+ Floor-length robe with quilted tail (wired so it stands out in front).
+ Brown faux suede and flesh-toned dancewear fabrics to give the impression that the faux suede is part of the skin.
+ Cloak with hood and gold crown-emblem fastening
+ Gold bracelet as with Halwyn
+ Staff with tail/feet-like ends.

Nerida (06/50)
From: A Havsrå's Fortune

+ White neoprene dress with asymmetric hem, 'double sleeve' detail and extra stitching at neckline and hem.

Lyr (07/50)
From: A Havsrå's Fortune

+ Blue velvet waistcoat with tails and bass-clef buttons on front, and treble & bass clef buttons at small of back.
+ Matching blue velvet breeches (17th/18th Century-inspired) with dark blue ribbon ties.
+ White shirt with long collar featuring embroidered treble-clef detail; short sleeves with tie detail.
+ Ribbon at neck matches those on breeches--dark blue with white musical score print.
+ Hair ribbon the same colour as waistcoat.
+ Pale blue neoprene over-the-knee boots with curved pointy toes.

Johannes (08/50)
From: A Havsrå's Fortune

+ Navy knitted cap
+ Navy woollen sweater with overlapped fold-over collar and 'sewn on' white patch featuring an embroidered blue anchor design.
+ Blue-grey trousers.
+ Dark green thigh-high rubber boots.

Glyndwr (09/50)
From: Golden Scales

+ One-shoulder outfit featuring floor-length skirt and asymmetric 'invisible' shoulder strap.
+ Skirt and lower part of strap covered in gold scale-shaped pailettes.
+ Tailfin-shaped train on back of skirt, made from gold satin and boned to give a more tail-like appearance.

Dalit (Finwife version) (10/50)
From: Golden Scales

+ Grubby pink knitted hat.
+ Grey, torn and patched shawl
+ Darker grey long-sleeved straight-cut midi dress-- torn, patched and repaired in random places and raggedy on the cuffs, hem and neckline.
+ Greying white apron, also patched.
+ Charcoal-coloured boots

Dalit (True form version) (11/50)
From: Golden Scales

+ Floor-length dress with deep-V slashed neckline
+ Boned satin tailfin-style train
+ Gold scale-shaped pailettes everywhere.

* To coordinate with Glyndwr.
**This looks like a dress for a film premiere but it's probably just for kicking Glyndwr's butt. Mermaids are like that.

That's it for now. I'll probably post the others 5-10 at a time, or as I get them done if I turn out to be extra slow. I've two more finished, but will post them with the next batch!

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  1. These are all interesting costume designs & it's cool that you've incorporated them into your 'Folk Tales of the Sea'! I especially like the ones for 'Halwyn, or A Pinch of Salt'.