Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A Human Dragon

I've been working on some more costume designs for goal #53, "Design 50 costumes/outfits".

Once again they're designed for characters in my Folk Tales of the Sea People stories, including that of a dragon in human form...

Maya (12/20)
From: The Clam Keeper and the Sailor

+ Floor-length strapless silver gown covered with silver scales (aluminium or satin)
+ Silver satin insert in back of skirt, flowing down into boned semicircular trail (to resemble tail fin)
+ Metal scale gauntlets
+ Red ribbon at neck

Etienne (13/50)
From: The Clam Keeper and the Sailor

+ White cotton hat with upturned brim
+ Worn-looking white shirt with sleeves rolled up, pearl buttons and peach-coloured shell emblem embroidered on breast pocket.
+ Blue and white fine-striped 'sailor pants' with navy buttons, rolled to above knee
+ Woven leather sandals

Mira (14/50)
From: A Pearl for Your Daughter

+ Green off-shoulder sequin dress with low back
+ Skirt of dress has long side split and train
+ Silver lightweight hooded cloak with simple gold fastening
+ Silver bracelets/cuffs with engraved 'spell'
+ Gold circlet
+ 'Grubby' pearl on a chain

'Handsome Man' (Glashtyn in Disguise) (15/50)
From: A Pearl for Your Daughter

+ Tall hat; soft grey with darker grey velvet band, to match coat
+ Thigh-length light grey velvet coat with mandarin-style collar and dark grey cuffs and quilted patches on shoulders. Pockets at hips, pearls fastenings, pearls on cuffs and at back vent.
+ White mandarin collar shirt
+ Dark grey velvet trousers (tucked into boots)
+ Knee-high charcoal grey riding boots

Mira's Glashtyn (16/50)
From: A Pearl for Your Daughter

+ Dark grey cloak with eyelet and rope fastening, and celtic-inspired 'horse' motif appliqued in silver-grey
+ Pale grey poet shirt with tie cuffs and collar
+ Dark grey waistcoat with pearl buttons and pale grey embroidered motif (same as on cloak)
+ Half-length trousers from same fabric as waistcoat, pearl fastenings on cuffs
+ Black leather shoes

Helle (17/50)
From: How Helle Found the Monster

Wiggle dress with small tail-like flared hem, stand-up collar and cap sleeves, in silver and iridescent pearly-white
+ Lightweight silver cloak fastened with light grey cord

Helle's Dragon (18/50)
From: How Helle Found the Monster

+ Sleeveless, red sequinned single-tail coat (like a tailcoat but without the split at the back). Spiky at the shoulders, like cap sleeves, and at lapels. Single copper button closure and pair of buttons at small of back
+ Deep red form-fitting trousers
+ Armour-like copper gauntlets with spikes
+ Copper leather thigh-high boots with metal spike on heel

This is as far as I've got for now, though that makes 17 outfits I've drawn since December 2016!
The last one in today's post pushed me to think a little harder, as I had to come up with something that suggested 'dragon' whilst being a costume that could be worn by a human!

There are still quite a few characters from Folk Tales of the Sea People that I haven't designed costumes for, though I may skip some of them in favour of designing something more wearable day-to-day!

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  1. These are wonderful! I especially like the one for Helle, because it's such a "fantasy costume" design - the silver/iridescent fabric & cloak - but also something that could translate into event formal wear too.