Thursday, 8 June 2017

Unleashing My Inner Viking

Today, I went to the South of England Show, which I've written about before. Last time, I managed to complete a goal whilst there, and this time I managed to complete another one!
095. Throw an axe
I'd added this goal to the list thinking it was unlikely I'd get to do it unless I went to one of those activity days that are on Groupon sometimes (the same goes for 094. Fire a bow, to be honest).

So when I saw a stand doing axe-throwing, I had to have a go!

Out of the 9 throws I got for my money, I managed to hit the target with the wrong end of the axe a few times, took a little chunk out of it once, and finally with my last two throws, I hit the target!

They weren't the best of throws, but I did hit the target at least! I suppose that given enough practise it's easier to get the hang of. If I get a chance again, maybe I'll try throwing one-handed instead, as I think I could get more power behind it that way (two-handed throws, as I did today, allow for more control).

Also, since the rifle range was there again, I had a go...

I did better than last time, getting all the shots in the black. Yay!


  1. woohoo, that's fabulous. I have that on my list as well. Oh, and nice shooting.

    1. I did think of you when I saw the axe-throwing stand!

  2. The axe-throwing looks like such a fun thing to do! And go you for getting all the shots in the black this time!
    Also, I love how you can see the "Rural Crafts" sign in the background. It just made me think "yep, this is totally how we make stuff in the countryside. Just throw axes at stuff and hope for the best", haha.

    1. Hahaha that is ABSOLUTELY how we do stuff in the countryside!