Monday, 7 August 2017

A Strange Pair: Project Update

Things That People Look Through

I realised it's been some time since I last posted any photos from my project, A Strange Pair.

As a memory refresher, this project is based on information found in a psychology book, relating to the way some schizophrenics categorise objects (see my post, Stop!, for more details).

Things That Cut
Things That Hold Other
Things Together
Things That Should Not Be
Jammed Into An
Electrical Socket

A summary of the project, as I wrote in my first post about it, is:
A Stange Pair is an exploration of the relationships between everyday objects.
Which sounds pretty fancy but is basically me popping various objects and a white background, and snapping pictures, having spent hours trying to come up with unconventional yet logical reasons for those objects to be paired together!

Things You See But
Once A Year
Things That Stop
A Table Wobbling
Things That Start
Other Things

Though I've only blogged about this project twice - last December and this April, as a result of the photography challenge on Delightful Aberrations - I've been producing images for it since that first post. I simply never got around to sharing them!

Things That Keep Secrets
Things That Get Bigger
Things That Wear Out
Things That Can
Destroy A Sponge
Things That Incite Fear
Things That Aid
Improved Health

As you can see, I've ended up creating quite a few images!
Sometimes it's a real challenge to come up with an unusual pairing of objects and the reasons for them to be linked.

Things That Tickle
Things That
Improve Appearances

With this massive update, I think I'm coming towards the end of this project, which means I'll be 1/3 of the way through a goal from The List:
12. Complete 3 photography projects
There's at least one other photo that I want to take for this one, but getting hold of one of the objects I need is proving to be a little tricky (I don't want to spend out on something just for the sake of one photo!)
At this rate, I might end up having to let that particular idea slide, because I'd like to finish this project this year!

Things That Take You To Another Place

I'd originally aimed to take 21 photos for this project (mainly because it felt like a good number to aim for). Across the three posts I've made, I now have those 21 images, so technically I could call this 'finished'.
But I'd still like to take that one other photo, so watch this space.

(And in case you're wondering, the pill is nothing too shady, just epilepsy medication!)

Other photos from A Strange Pair can be seen here and here, or you can check out my A Strange Pair tag to see all three posts.

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