Thursday, 17 May 2018

David Shrigley's Life Model II

Last post I mentioned that Brighton Fringe is happening, but May is also the month of Brighton Festival! This year's guest director is David Shrigley, and there's currently an exhibition of his piece Life Model II at Fabrica (one of my favourite galleries!)

The main feature of this exhibition is a huge female mannequin of slightly 'off' proportions, and the gallery is set up to resemble a life-drawing class. There are easels, beanbags and chairs available, and visitors are invited to use the materials provided to draw the mannequin (who periodically blinks with an audible click). The drawings are then stuck to the walls around the gallery.

I have to say I didn't expect to end up drawing a naked mannequin when I stepped into the gallery, but it's always fun when exhibitions have some kind of immersive or interactive feature--something Fabrica's exhibitions are very good at!

Alas, I cannot draw...

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