Saturday, 5 May 2018

Walking With Llamas

Last Sunday, a group of us went to the Llama Park and walked llamas!

We went for my birthday, as it's been something I wanted to do for ages (mainly because I can).

I walked a llama named Dave. He likes food. A lot. (Me too Dave!)

There were six or seven llamas in our walking group, and about ten people--all there to celebrate birthdays! The route went across the llama park and into the grounds of a neighbouring hotel, which the park has an agreement with for doing the walks.
It was pretty muddy, but the area is nice and there were several stops for feeding the llamas and taking pictures.

(Excuse my squinty laughing face). Dave hugely enjoyed his carrots. But he also liked grass. Lots of grass.

It was a fun morning out, finished off with lunch at the Llama Park's cafe.

I can now tick another goal off The List:
018. Walk a llama
It was certainly a novel experience!

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  1. Such an fantastic goal to complete! Love the pictures - Dave looks so pleased with himself, haha!