Friday, 19 September 2014

Sukekiyo @ O2 Academy Islington 2014

Yesterday I met up with Lilia (my lovely and creative friend from Paracosm of Lilies) in London, and we went to a gig!

The gig in question was Japanese band Sukekiyo, who came to London's O2 Academy Islington on their 'Ameagari no Yuushi' tour.
Unusually for Japanese bands, photography was allowed, so I snapped a few pictures on my phone (most of which turned out incredibly blurry), though only during the first few songs.

They had a few tour goods, so I bought a T-shirt. They're always handy :)

It seemed like an age before the gig started! But the wait (and the queuing outside the venue beforehand) was definitely worth it.

Being a relatively new band, they basically played all their songs, with the setlist lasting about an hour and a half.

I'm really happy to have had the chance to see this band, and came away very impressed with their talent! Whilst I'm not so mad on the screamier songs, nobody can deny that the vocalist, Kyo, has a fantastic voice with a great vocal range and a lot of power to back it up with. Despite a studio album having all the tweaks to 'perfect' each track, I would actually say that Sukekiyo sound better live! Though I could be hugely biased here :)
Hopefully I'll get a chance to see them play again sometime!

Sukekiyo are:
Vocals - Kyo
Guitar/Piano - Takumi
Guitar - Uta
Bass - Yuchi
Drums - Mika

Related bands (because it's always fun to hear what else musicians have done/are doing): Dir en grey (Kyo's other band), Rentrer en Soi (former band of Takumi and Mika), 9Goats Black Out (Uta's former band), Kannivalism (Yuchi's other band), forbidden days rhapsody (Mika's solo project).

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