Saturday, 13 September 2014

Treasured Transport Parade

As I mentioned in my previous post, one of the events in Hurst Festival Village Open Day was the "Treasured Transport Parade". The name is pretty self-explanatory: a parade of special, treasured vehicles!

Cars from various eras participated, with the parade beginning at Washbrooks Farm and ending at South Avenue Rec.

The vehicles involved were clearly cherished and well looked after...

...and the parade also included a vehicle of the two-wheeled variety!

This one had a rather unusual passenger...

...who got herself comfortable in the driver's seat a little later!

At South Avenue Rec, the parade vehicles parked up to allow us nosy spectators to wander around and take a closer look.

When I was small, my Dad often took us to car shows, and these classic styles have always been my favourites!

This was probably one of the smallest cars on display, and seemed to be getting lots of interest when I went past!

This flatbed lorry was also part of the parade. Interesting to see the single, centre wheel on the cab, and the vintage signage.

Of course, no vehicle parade in a country village would be complete without a tractor!

I'm not hugely into cars, and wouldn't know a spark plug from a radiator cap, but it was still interesting to see how vehicles have evolved over the years, and see the (literally) shining examples of well-kept, treasured transport.

More on Hurst Festival later this month, when I'll be heading into the village for various other events :)

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