Sunday, 21 September 2014

The Big Village Sing & Hurst Museum

As I mentioned last weekend, I would be attending several events from the Hurst Festival programme over the two week duration of the festival.

For today, I had a ticket for 'The Big Village Sing', so off I went into Hurst (along with Mum, who decided at the last minute that she wanted to go too--cue printing off a ticket at around 1am!)

The event was run by choir leader Sara Markland, who gave us lots of fun warmup exercises at the beginning, before running us through our paces with a couple of songs! Eventually we split into sections in order to sing harmonies, which was great fun.

In general I am an introverted person who limits singing to the shower, so singing around other people really did mean pushing myself! Even more nerve-wracking was when a few people turned up towards the end in order to see us sing! Thankfully it turned out not as scary as I thought it might be. Though the audience was only around 8 people, compared to the 30-40 doing the singing!

Thanks to this event, I can cross a goal off my list!
011. Sing in public

The event was run in the Village Centre, which also houses Hurst Museum...

At present, Hurst Museum has two exhibitions split across two display cases (the museum really isn't very big--two display cases in the foyer).
The bigger display related to the village and World War I.

The display contained information such as a list of the war dead, and excerpts from the book, Daisy: Growing up in a Sussex Village 1897-1919.

My favourite part of this display was the trench art--items 'upcycled' from used shells, bullets etc, usually made by soldiers or civilians in war-torn areas.

The other display related to the Carnival in the village. The display contained pictures, photocopies of newspaper cuttings, and information to explain that the carnival is thought to have begun around 1896, when the cycle club began an annual procession headed by the town band, during which they collected money to donate to hospitals. This gradually transformed to what it is today, with various different attractions (and a much shorter procession than the original one!)

Though the displays are only small, they are informative, and offer a little snapshot into the village's history.


  1. Well done you for! Seems like it was a good workshop ^^ (And you got to sing a Supremes song! What more could you want? Haha)

    The carnival village display looks so interesting! Old carnival costumes and floats have such a creepy look to them - delightful! XD

  2. I am really proud of you, Kei*!! :) You are doing so well with your challenge! :)

    Glad you enjoyed the workshop!! ^___^