Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Chocolate World

A couple of months have passed since my last chocolate-related post. When it comes to eating chocolate, I've been pretty 'good' lately and haven't gobbled so much of it. 

Last time, I posted about vegan chocolate
Today, it's chocolate from around the world (well, sort of. Does Ikea count...?)

Ikea Hazelnut Chocolate
My Dad Went To Ikea And All I Got Was This Chocolate Bar.
The packaging is typical of Ikea's simple yet stylish approach: a yellow wrapper with a dotted illustration of hazelnuts, and the type of chocolate bar written across the centre in nine different languages. Saves having to change packaging for different countries, doesn't it? 

Anyway. This is a bar of milk chocolate with little bits of chopped hazelnuts! Usually I avoid nutty chocolate, but as this bar has chopped pieces of nut rather than whole ones, it's enjoyable. The chocolate is firm and just sweet enough to compliment the flavour of the nuts.
I've not eaten it all yet, but I don't think it will last long. Yummy!

Своге Апетитна Ябълка (Svoge Apetitna Yabŭlka / Svoge Appetising Apple)
I Went to The 99p Shop And (almost) All I Got Was This Chocolate Bar.
This caught my eye because I couldn't read the text on the front! Much copying-and-pasting from wikipedia and a little visit to Google Translate informed me of what it said, and the fact it is in Bulgarian! 

So I gained some Bulgarian chocolate, which - according to the English label that has been stuck to the back - is 'milk chocolate with apple-cinnamon flavoured milk filling and apple-cinnamon filling'.
The filling is incredibly sweet, and does have something of an apple flavour, but I can't taste any cinnamon. This is disappointing, as I love cinnamon!
Still, a couple of squares of this are enough to sate the desire for something sweet. I'll probably pick at this one for a while when I'm craving chocolate.
(For the record, the 99p store also yielded crisps, cinnamon biscuits and an A3 pad of pastel paper, among other things)

Wawel Maciek Adwokat
Milk chocolate bar with an advocat flavour filling.
I found this Polish chocolate bar in Tesco. Before I even thought of this chocolate goal, I'd tried 'Rom' bar: a rum-flavoured chocolate bar from a Polish delicatessen that has unfortunately closed. Since Rom turned out to be pretty strong-flavoured, I've been waiting for an evening to eat this bar!
Maciek Adwokat is a modestly-sized bar and definitely has an alcoholic scent to it, much like liqueur chocolates. The filling doesn't look as gooey as on the illustration, but it's the flavour that's more important, right?!

Well, flavour-wise, it's actually less boozy than I would have expected. Once again, it's akin to some of the liqueur chocolates found in boxes of chocolates from a certain British chain of chocolatiers.
I've never tried advocat itself, so I can't compare the flavour, but if it's anything like this bar, I would like it!
The filling of this bar is smooth and the chocolate is a little soft, so this is very easy to eat. In fact, I keep pausing in writing this in order to munch on another square!
Right then. I'm off to finish that chocolate. 

This post covers chocolate 26-28 for a goal off The List:

064. Eat 50 different chocolates
Over half way!

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