Monday, 6 July 2015

Cream Tea, Finally!

Around a month ago, I ended up going to this wonderful cafe in Hove, Sussex. (I know, I should have posted about this ages ago!)
I don't usually go to this area, but went there with a friend who had an interview along the street. Whilst she was being grilled by prospective employers, I popped into Violet & Doily to see what they had to offer!
I was not disappointed...

I opted for a cream tea, since my last attempt at getting anything similar in a different cafe ended up absolute failure!
The two scones were small, but they were warm, uneven, and tasted just like my Mum's! So they were absolutely perfect. Whilst I could have done with a little more jam, the healthy-sized tub of Rodda's clotted cream more than made up for it :)

As for the tea, it was served in a little teapot, alongside a little jug of milk and a little cup and saucer with a cute floral design. I was also given a pot of hot water with which to top up the teapot, which went down really well!

Violet & Doily is a really nice cafe, with that kind of shabby-chic-come-vintage style that's been en vogue for the past few years. I was the only customer, which was a real surprise considering the standard of food and drink, and the fashionable decor. It's not on a quiet street, there are various shops on the same road that appeal to the same demographic, and I went in just after the schools finished for the day (there are schools nearby--I saw plenty of primary-age children!) so it seemed a logical hangout for parents pre- and post- picking the kids up. It puzzled me to find the cafe so empty!
But I digress. It's a great place, and if I was in the area I'd go there again and sample more of their delights!

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