Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Sorry, But I'd Rather Be Walking A Llama

I've been following Mama's Losin' It! for a few months now, since it was recommended to me, but until this point, haven't participated in Mama Kat's 'Writer's Workshop' linkup.
Partly because I've always been tired when reading my blog feed, partly because I've become terribly allergic to interacting online. But that absolutely has to change, and so this week, I'm participating!

Mama’s Losin' It

Anyway, from this week's prompts, I've chosen:
1. List 7 things you'd rather be doing this summer
Seems appropriate considering the general theme of this blog, right?

At the end of last year, I made a list of goals I'd like to achieve for 2015.
I thought 'Hey, doing these will be a breeze!'

Evidently I didn't count upon factors such as introversion, anxiety, depression, and of course lack of money and transport. How silly of me!

Anyway, some of those goals are things I would rather do this summer, but for some reason or other don't have plans for as yet.
So what would I rather be doing this summer? I'd rather be walking a llama...

Just look at that happy face!
Go Llama Trekking (goal #18)
I freaking love llamas. They have such comical faces. The fact that establishments such as The Llama Park offer a llama walking experience is pure brilliance. An hour and a half of traipsing around the Ashdown Forest with a llama in tow? Why not!

Go On the Brighton Sewer Tour (goal #38)
The Brighton Sewer Tour is one of those weird little attractions that seems both awful and fascinating (not to mention stinky). I'm nosy by nature, and the experience seems like a great story to tell!

The Shameless Pile of Junk in the spare room
Sell Unwanted Things at a Car Boot Fair (goal #67)
Through mercenary clear-outs and losing interest in old hobbies, I've accumumated an enormous amount of Unwanted Stuff--and that's after donating things to charity.
Boot fair season is well under way - they generally start around March/April here - but it's almost becoming too late to start selling now. People are thinking of summer holidays; they're feeling the financial strain of the past six months, and are less likely to buy.
The reason I haven't done this is because I have no car to sell from. I can't even drive! So I rely on my Dad to do the boot fairs with me (and sell some of his and Mum's unwanted stuff too). But he's been too busy to do them this year. Boo.

Climb the O2 (goal #84)
Up at the O2 basically gives visitors the chance to climb the O2 in London. The word 'climb' seems to be used rather loosely as there's a walkway that goes right over the building, but 'climb' sounds so much more adventurous, doesn't it?
I want to climb the O2 because it's there, and I can. 

So that's four things I'd rather be doing, just off the list of goals I'd like to achieve this year!

As for others, well I can easily pluck some off The List...

Travel overseas (goal #4)
I haven't been overseas for about ten years. I'm forever seeing photos of far off places, and of places not so far, and would love to spend a little time in a different country. I want to try the local food and drink, explore the area and take home lots of great memories!

Up, up and away!
Ride in a Hot Air Balloon (goal #83)
Now seems like the perfect time for hot air ballooning. Just a couple of days ago, one drifted over our house, letting itself be known by the roar of the burners. Riding in a hot air balloon seems like such a great way to see the countryside!

Dance like crazy, or flail around on a yoga mat.
Either works.
Exercise More
This isn't related to any specific goal (though there are related goals on my list!) However, I would like to get more exercise--I just need to get over the hurdles of Lack of Motivation and Too Many Other Things To Do and But It's Raining Outside!
As for exercise DVDs, I have them, but don't have the space to do them anymore...

Well, there's my 7. Who knows. I might get one of these done by the end of the year, if not the summer...?

I do have plans for the summer at least, namely that I'm going to Kitacon to be a nerd with fellow anime fans. And I will be dressing up...

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