Wednesday, 3 August 2016

All Rapped Up

This week, my musical travels around the internet have taken me back to Finland, this time smack bang into the rap genre (with a splash of pop), all thanks to my Finnish friend Jenni, who plugged me some music. Cheers, Jenni!

This artist is apparently pretty popular in Finland, and was previously in a rap group named 5th Element.
Though I don't listen to much rap, and can't speak Finnish, I like the songs that I heard, and really enjoy the sound of his voice.
It might be a bit of a random thing to write here, but I think K-pop fans would like this artist!
Cheek Official Website

This duo formed in 2009 and have several releases that reached number one in the Finnish charts.
Visually they remind me of some 90's Britpop acts!
Some of their music has quite an upbeat sound to it, and the videos I watched were pretty fun and again, though it's not a genre I listen to much, I enjoyed the music.
JVG Official Website

Bonus Artist!

Antti Tuisku 
The first thing that struck me about this artist was how fun his videos are. The next was that he seems so happy!
Another artist with several number one singles and albums under his belt, Antti Tuisku started off as a contestant on the 2003 talent show 'Idols', Finland's answer to 'Pop Idol' (he came third).
Though I can't understand the lyrics without looking for a translation, these songs have a really 'feel-good' sound to them. Just right for the summer, really!
Antti Tuisku Official Website

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