Thursday, 18 August 2016

Retro Beats

This week, I'm listening to two new-to-me artists suggested by my lovely friend Rina. (Thanks Rina!)

イモ欽トリオ (Imokin Trio)
A comic song unit from Japan, Imokin Trio formed in 1981, the members all being regulars on a particular TV show.
It wasn't that easy to find much music on YouTube; it seems their song, 'High School Lullaby' is a popular one, with many different videos!
Since I don't speak Japanese, I don't 'get' the comedy in the songs, so can't really appreciate this act to its fullest. Though they can sing, at face value there's nothing particularly remarkable about their sound.
Still, the videos I watched were enjoyably cheesy!
(No web link for this act, boo)

Graham Gouldman know something's up when your foreign friend is suggesting artists from your own country that you've never heard of, right?
Graham Gouldman is an English singer/songwriter/musician who is also a member of the rock band 10cc (I'd heard of them at least, though only in passing). 
Poking at wikipedia it looks like most of his work was released in the 60s-70s, with a couple of albums released since 2000.
The music I heard does, of course, have a real 60s/70s vibe. Though it isn't something I'd actively seek out, it's pleasant to listen to!
Graham Gouldman Official Website

That's it for this week. For previous acts, check out my music goal tag!

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  1. I haven't heard these particular songs beforehand, too, actually. ^_^ But I am glad I could help at least :D.