Thursday, 11 August 2016

Spanning the Genres

For this week's music challenge, I'm back to picking artists based on recommendations from friends. This time around the recs are from my friend Sara (thanks fren!) and both artists have been active for a couple of decades! These recs span the genres a bit, too...

This American singer-songwriter makes music that crosses several different genres, and has been doing it since the nineties!
There's certainly a lot of difference in sound across the songs I listened to, but I enjoyed the music and admire that Poe has experimented with different genres.
Poe Official Website

British-born, this singer lives and works from the USA, and has been working as a professional musician since the 1980s.
Her music fits snugly into the new age category, full of soft, ethereal vocals and nice lyrics.
I liked this artist's stuff too. Music like this is great for playing when I'm drawing/writing fantasy-themed stuff, so I'll be adding this stuff to a few playlists!
Aeone Official Website

That's it for this week. It seems as though my comments/thoughts on these new-to-me artists are getting shorter and shorter, argh. Must try harder!

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