Thursday, 22 February 2018

A Glashtyn's Slippers: 7 Costume Designs

About a month ago, I posted some more designs for a goal on The List:
053. Design 50 outfits/costumes
Since I've been trying harder to be productive recently, here's some more!

Once again, these are for characters from my Folk Tales of the Sea People stories--this time all from The Wily Old Glashtyn.

Damla (26/50)

+ Dress: Floor length, pale blue sparkly glitter fabric with semi-transparent blue-silver crinkly collar, hem and insert to skirt.
+ Sleeves: Same fabrics as dress, crinkle fabric like 'fins' along seams.
+ Necklace: Grey-silver star on brown cord (primitively formed, unlike smartness of the dress).

 Damla (version 2) (27/50)

+ Tunic: Baggy, plain grey-blue cotton and 3/4 sleeves. Collar and cuffs are darker blue, slightly padded and stitched with pale blue. Tunic has a slit to the hip on one side.
+ Belt: Simple pale blue cord.
+ Skirt: Floor length fishtail in navy cotton.
+ Necklace: As before.

Murchadh ("old") (28/50)

+ Cap: Peaked, brown and slouchy, with a band decorated like frogspawn.
+ Shirt: Discoloured grey-white with lacing and diamond and triangle-shaped slate grey buttons (the buttons are just for decoration)
+ Jacket: Faded brown rough fabric, with a roll collar, tattered cuffs, and pockets at chest and hips. Hip pockets have embroidered decoration--a cane on the left, and frogspawn trim on the right.
+ Trousers: Cropped with tattered hems, same fabric as jacket and generally unremarkable.
+ Slippers: Brown leather + low fitting at sides. Brown and cream patent leather upper, reminiscent of the layers of a shell.

Murchadh ("young") (29/50)

+ Tunic: Green with darker green shoulder patches. Collar/armholes also darker green, padded and embroidered in gold. Breast pockets with gold embroidery--left decorated with 'frogspawn' trim and two embroidered interlocked gold rings, right embroidered with coral. Two slits to hips in front, two in the back, triangular slate grey button at top of each slit.
+ Belt: Gold and soft, winds around multiple times.
+ Trousers: Dark green and half-length, cuffs fasten with glass buttons reminiscent of frogspawn egg.
+ Slippers: Same style as old Murchadh, but in black.

Morgan (30/50)

+ Tunic: Dark purple/red/brown with button fastening to the side. Dark gold buttons on front, and two on each sleeve. Broad padded collar and padded feature at armholes (like young Murchadh, but with sleeves)--dark blue and decorated with criss-crossed dark gold trim.
+ Belt: Dark gold wrap around 'obi' style.
+ Skirt: Floor length fishtail style, same main colour as tunic, with central insert of dark blue with dark gold criss-cross trim (same as collar). Dark gold silk inserts either side of central piece, up to mid-thigh. Dark gold button at top of each. 

Meredith (31/50)

+ Shirt: Dark green and longsleeved with broad cuffs and gold buttons. Lighter green seaweed-inspired collar and inserts on shoulder seams, with dark green metallic sequin trim.
+ Necklace: Same as Damla's, but on longer cord.
+ Belt: Wide, gold leather with broad trim/tie of dark green sequins.
+ Skirt: Floor length fishtail style with train at back. Main part is dark green metallic sequinned fabric. Front centre section and insert at back from same fabric and trims as the collar. Has pockets, concealed at seam of front skirt section.

Muir (32/50)

+ Tunic: Dark blue, sleeveless. Padded collar and armholes--brown with dark blue embroidery.
+ Belt: Brown cord.
+ Gauntlets/Cuffs: Brown leather.
+ Necklace: Same as Damla/Meredith.
+ Skirt: Floor length fishtail style, plain brown fabric.

Well that's it for costume designs for characters from this story. I tried to make allusions to life cycles in the symbols of Murchadh's costumes (a cane for old age, frogspawn for birth/childhood, rings for adulthood, coral for death). Wanted to have some kind of similarity between Morgan and Meredith's costumes, hence the inserts on the skirts and shoulders, and the long sleeves. Also wanted to have a link between the styles of Damla (version 2) and Muir, so essentially designed very similar costumes with only a few differences.

With 32 costumes designed, I'm quite comfortably heading towards my goal of 50! Over the past few days, I've been trying to draw one costume per day, in the hope I might actually finish this goal this year!

You can see all the costumes I've designed for this goal on my goal 53 tag.

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