Monday, 26 February 2018

That Old State of Mind

(Fuzzy thoughts, lack of clarity)
Several months have passed since I updated about my photography project, State of Mind. This is part of goal 12 (Complete 3 photography projects) and is still ongoing, but here are some recent additions, plus one from last year (above) which I previously only posted as part of a 365 Project update.

Since it's been a while, here's the arty-farty description of this project:
State of Mind explores different emotions and mental states through a series of 'faceless' self-portraits, each one being a personification of those mental states or emotions: the residents of 'The State of Mind'.
(Extreme tiredness, caffeine dependent, running on empty)
These most recent images haven't all turned out exactly as intended; I'd wanted to use a full-sized pillow for Exhaustion was too big. Fortunately this little rectangular cushion pad was the right size!

(Catastrophe. Chained. Can't Escape.)
I'm finding that some 'states of mind' are harder to personify as a faceless portrait than I expected. It can be tricky to define emotions as objects, especially the more complex ones that are made up of lots of different smaller feelings, and are experienced in different ways by different people.

(All is dull, no light to be seen.)
Though there is a similarity between some of these pictures (and there will probably be more), I hope the differences stand out. For example, Brainfog and Gloom are similar with pale, fuzzy heads, but whilst Brainfog emits a feeling of fluffy-headedness, Gloom is a lot darker, a lot heavier.

That's it for this project so far; other photos may end up being composite images, editing together a 'head' shot and a 'body' shot, due to issues with size/weight of the 'head'.

Fingers crossed it won't take me another ten months to post another update on this!

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