Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Hands Out

Just a little update on the first goal on The List:
001. Fill a sketchbook with artwork/studies of one subject.
That subject being hands, and me actually applying myself to sitting down and working on this goal, I have been drawing so many hands that I'm starting to get sick of the sight of them!

Despite that, it can be soothing to sit and draw from a reference, and as I'm listening to the History of the World in 100 Objects podcast whilst I work, I'm learning things as well!

Some of my sketches definitely come out better than others, and some poses are easier to draw than others, but the level of effort I put in certainly effects how well the pictures turn out.

It might seem as though I've drawn a million hands already (it feels that way to me!) but my sketchbook still isn't filled.

I have 28 pages left...

Guess I'd better go hunting for some more references!

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