Monday, 12 March 2018

Succulent Gals or Spiky Ladies?

After designing costumes for characters from Folk Tales of the Sea People as part of goal 53 (Design 50 outfits/costumes), I set my sights on designing outfits based on other subjects.

As I looked around my room for ideas, my gaze alighted on the sunniest corner, inhabited by a small family of succulents, and over the following days, these designs happened.

As usual, you can click to view them larger :)

Aloe Girl (37/50)
Inspiration: Aloe

+ Dress: Green halterneck with velvet bodice and skirt/collar formed of lightly padded matte vinyl 'leaves'.
+ Sandals: Light brown flat sandals lacing up to the knee.

Spiky Soft (38/50)
Inspiration: Cactus of unknown type

+ Dress: Green bardot/halterneck hybrid. Jersey bodice with long spikes on straps. Balloon-like skirt of moulded fleece (like bumps on cactus) to just above knee.
+ Boots: Green rubber thigh high heels.

Ovata Ovation (39/50)
Inspiration: Crassula ovata "gollum"

+ Dress: Green leather calf length pencil dress with high structured collar.
+ Sleeves: Green leather with flare and split at cuffs.
+ Boots: Green leather knee-high platforms

Lucky Jade (40/50)
Inspiration: Jade plant

+ Shoulder-piece: green vinyl, in shape of jade plant leaves, wired and lightly padded.
+ Minidress: padded green vinyl 'leaves' on front and back bodice and skirt, on green jersey (visible at sides of bodice).
+ Ankle Boots: Flats, green vinyl with 'leaves' on sides.

Cylindrica Chica (41/50)
Inspiration: Opuntia cylindrica

+ Dress: Green ankle-length, close-fitting halterneck with split to thigh on one side. Padded 'spikes' at neck, bust, ribcage, waist, hips and mid-thigh.
+ Cuffs: with spikes like on dress.
+ Boots: Thigh-high flats with tabi toe.

All fabrics: green neoprene

Aloe Again (42/50)
Inspiration: Aloe 

+ Dress: knee-length leather; wired spiky collar and skirt, fitted bodice to hip, concealed zip at back.
+ Sandals: brown cork sole platforms with cross over strap at toe and slingback heel.

Corporate Cactus (43/50)
Inspiration: opuntia microdasys

+ Dress: green dimpled leather knee-length pencil dress with circular 'extensions' on shoulders and sides of skirt (from lower waist to mid-thigh).
+ Shoes: gold ankle-strap shoe with green cactus heel.

So what do you think? Would these outfits be worn by succulent gals or spiky ladies?

I had fun designing these; finally cracked open my 'fashionary' given to me as a birthday present by my friend Lianne. The pre-dotted outlines are really helpful for keeping designs in proportion, and mean it's easier to recreate the look for the back view!

With this lot I have just seven more designs to go, and will likely post them all together like these ones. Fingers crossed I'll soon be striking this goal off of The List!

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