Thursday, 12 May 2016

Growl and Chill

There isn't much I can say by way of introduction of this week's music selection. I heard about both through the Power Of The Internet, and they are vastly different. Prepare yourself for some growling--and then some chillout.

I heard about this band forever ago, when they first started out, because I've been following the guitarist's work for around 15 years (one of his previous bands being one of the first Japanese rock bands I heard). But I'd never had the opportunity to hear them, as there was no way of accessing their music other than going to their gigs...which obviously I can't, since they're thousands of miles away.
Anyway they gained a new vocalist a little while ago, who was previously in another band I liked, so I watched this video with high hopes, and wasn't disappointed.
I'm not usually a fan of growling or shouting in music, but this vocalist does it well, and there's a good balance of that and regular singing on this track (and he does have a really gorgeous voice).
I've rambled more than enough here already. Maybe I'm biased in that I'm already a fan of two members of this band. But they really are good. Also check out their song ASPHALT. They only have short versions on YouTube right now, but it's enough to get an idea of how they sound.
DALLE Official Website

Clams Casino
This is an act I saw a mention of on a social media site a while ago, and added to my list to check out another time.
I wouldn't usually embed a video here that wasn't a proper video, but this is the song I first heard about, and it's the only one I really liked from the selection I listened to.
Clams Casino is an American record producer and apparently his genres encompass rap, hip-hop, instrumental hip-hop, 'cloud rap' and 'witch house'. (Well, it seems I've learned of some new musical genres with this act!)
There's something pretty relaxing about the song above, though the first video I watched, I'm the Devil, gave me a bit of a headache due to the tempo. The video itself has a pretty awesome surrealness to it though, so do give it a look!
Clams Casino on YouTube

As always, music I've listened to for this challenge - one of the goals on The List - can be found right here on this tag.
Or you can check out my YouTube playlist and listen to everything (except the videos that have apparently been deleted. Boooo)

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  1. DALLE are really good! I'd only heard them doing the covers at that live in Shinjuku before listening to those PVs the other day (but obviously they sounded a lot different to this!). The white pony in the PV above kind of reminds me of the white horse that Sarah Palmer, in 'Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me', keeps seeing as an omen of death (like the "Pale Horse" in old Germanic stories and from the Bible). Aaaaanyway, that was a tangent, sorry! The music is good! :)

    I also like the music of Clams Casino, but hadn't heard it before, so thank you for sharing that!
    Randomly, one of the YouTube comments on 'I'm the Devil' said that "i think it's called i'm the devil bc it's i'm god [another Clams Casino song] reversed", so maybe that's why the beat gave you a bit of a headache? Useless facts are fun, kids~! :D