Thursday, 26 May 2016

Two Nox

For this week's music challenge, I used a different way of choosing artists to listen to (rather than pick at random): artists with the same name.

There are actually multiple artists with this lists ten!
This week, I just listened to the required two. Maybe I'll listen to some of the others at a later date!

This Hungarian act make music that is poppy with a touch of techno, but also has folk influences. A lot of their videos incorporate folk dancing, though the video styles are far from being typically folksy.
Apparently they represented their country in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005, reaching the final and finishing in 12th place.
I'm still undecided on my opinion of this group, as I like some of the songs I heard but don't care much for others. They're worth a try, though.
Nox Official Website

This act comes from Lithuania, and also makes pop music. It was harder to find music by this one; I had to use my Google Fu to find album tracklists (based on the few songs mentioned on for this band) so I could find the music on YouTube. Even then, not all of the songs showed up in search results!
Their music sounds kind of like 80s pop to me. Admittedly I have no idea whether this is a current act or not, because I can't find any information about them online (my aforementioned Google Fu failed me at this point!)
The music is okay, but nothing I'm crazy over.
(No link to official site, because I can't find one!)

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