Sunday, 1 May 2016

A Speck on the Landscape

This week, one of the themes for the photography challenge at Delightful Aberrations was lonely.
I had an idea for it so shot a few pictures with the help of my mum (thanks mum!) and look, here I am, posting the end result before the deadline, rather than right on it. Aren't I organised?

Shot on a Nikon D3300 and edited in Photoshop Elements (colour removal, level adjustment).

Here's a bonus picture, because though it doesn't look so 'lonely', I like how it turned out:

The Tangling of Clouds
That's it from me for this week's photography challenge. I had ideas for one of the other themes, and further ideas for the 'lonely' theme, but of course have to work with the props/location/weather(!) that I have!

1 comment:

  1. Both of these pictures have a slight sense of wistful melancholy about them. Even though you said the second one doesn't look so "lonely", I think you really managed to capture the feeling in both, since it's often people's own thoughts that make them feel lonely. The clouds almost seem like those thoughts made visible to everyone, just the same as the effects of loneliness can be seen by others sometimes.

    (Well, that's just my pretentious two cents. Now I'll stop. Basically, the photos are good! Haha).