Thursday, 19 May 2016

Space Folk and Rock Dreams

The artists I listened to this week hail from countries that I haven't actually heard any music from before. I guess radio here tends to stick to foreign acts a little closer to home or something (plus American/Canadian acts...I don't know. I don't even listen to the charts anymore).
Anyway, here are the new-to-me artists I heard this week:

This act apparently comes from Greenland! Some of their videos have a really strange, surreal quality to them whilst others look like a standard pop video (I'm more a fan of the weirdass ones, of course).
I'm not sure how to categorise this band with regards genre, though their Facebook lists it as 'Space Folk/Tribal Pop'.
There's a fairly dreamy quality to this band's music, it's the perfect thing to daydream to.
It was Lilia who recommended this one to me, so thanks Lilia!
ZAZAZOZO Official Website

Carla's Dreams
From Moldova, this band performs in Romanian, English and Russian, and I'm having to glean all my information from Wikipedia (sorry) because English information seems pretty thin on the ground elsewhere.
The music is a combination of rock, hip-hop and pop. Their videos are engaging and though the songs I listened to weren't in English, the visual narrative made the music easy to follow.
Carla's Dreams Official Website (in Romanian).

Neither of these artists are the kind of band I'd usually listen to, but I enjoyed both!

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  1. Yay for ZAZAZOZO <3
    Carla's Dreams aren't really the kind of thing I'd listen to a lot, but I love that they sing in 3 different languages. So glad you posted about them just for that reason TBH! (Always in need of more Russian listening practise, haha). Having said that, some of the songs & PVs are actually really enjoyable though, so thanks for the recommendation. :)