Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Blackberry Squash

Blackberry Squash

Once again, I participated in the weekly art/photography theme challenge on Delightful Aberrations!
This time around, I opted for the pressure theme.

I recently bought a wide-angle/macro conversion kit for my camera, so I was eager to try it out for this challenge!
The final image above is formed of six seperate photos, which I cropped and adjusted the levels of to improve the colour quality.

I created 'pressure' on the blackberry by sandwiching it between a white paper and a piece of glass on a table. Once I had set the camera focus, I pressed down on the glass to increase the pressure, whilst shooting in continuous mode, thus capturing the changes in the berry as it became squashed under the glass!

If not for the fact it's a waste of food (and would make a bigger mess to clear up), I would have used this a vice and squashed something bigger, like an orange or an egg. But blackberries were the less wasteful, less messy option--plus I got to use my conversion kit!

A note on the conversion kit: I figure it won't be as fantastic as an proper lens. But it was £10, which is nothing compared to the £150+ that a whole new lens would cost, so it was an easy choice really!

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  1. These look almost like an illustration/vector; it's an interesting effect. :)
    Also, conversion lenses are so useful, I agree!