Monday, 19 September 2016

I Met A Snake

I'm not the greatest fan of snakes, despite meeting a grass snake or two in the fields during the earlier part of my childhood.

But when I happened upon a reptile display on Saturday and went to have a nose, I bumped into a schoolfriend, Shirley, who was there with her husband and some of their reptiles, including this little slinky friend, who is a Mandarin Rat Snake.

 And I was a brave human being...

I was also a cold, tired and windswept human being, but let's ignore that, because I actually held a snake haha
It has really smooth skin, and stayed pretty still and relaxed in my hands.

A bit later I also briefly held a ball python (slightly larger snake!) belonging to another person with the group. I only held it briefly because it wanted to return to its owner!

I should've put 'hold a snake' on my list really, shouldn't I?!

1 comment:

  1. Well done you for being brave, since you're not so fond of snakes!
    I happen to think that snake is absolutely gorgeous though, haha.
    (PS: Love your jacket :D)