Thursday, 8 September 2016

Move over K-Pop, this is Lao-Pop

For this week's new-to-me music, I decided to check out some artists from Laos. Mostly because I received a package from there a couple of days ago, but also because...well, I've not heard any Lao pop music before.

Noi Sengsourigna
This Laotian singer is apparently also an actress and education with a great passion for her culture.
I have never heard any music quite like hers (which I guess shows how limited my exposure to different music has been). Some of it has a real traditional-sound, whilst other songs have more of a pop twist to them, and the tempo switches between calming and upbeat. Traditional instruments are also prominent in her songs!
Noi's voice has a really soft tone and is pleasant to listen to. I was surprised to hear some English lyrics within her music, though most her songs are sung in Lao.
The music videos are uncomplicated, a lot of them having aspects of traditional Laotian dance and costume, which is interesting to see!

Aluna Thavonsouk
Aluna's music sounds very typically pop, with softly-sung ballads and catchy choruses!
Her videos are very polished; the ones I saw all have some kind of visual narrative going on, which makes it easier to understand the songs even without understanding the language they're sung in.
The music itself isn't the kind of thing I like listening to, but Aluna does have a nice voice. I'd recommend this artist to people who like K-pop ballads!

That's it for this week! Couldn't find any official websites for the artists this time around, so haven't been able to link them. Still, there are a few articles and interviews online with information on these singers--just a google search away!

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