Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Dodging the Rain in Arundel

On Saturday, I went to the town of Arundel, Sussex, with a friend.
We'd planned it for ages, having looked at the different places to visit on the town's website.

...it rained. All day.

But that didn't stop us from ambling around, taking in the sights, albeit from beneath our umbrellas!

The town has a quaint image, with a lot of old buildings, and of course the imposing castle sitting atop the hill!
We didn't go into the castle, but I did snap some pictures from outside the grounds!

One of the first things we did upon arrival was check out a craft fair, which featured lots of lovely locally-made crafts--such a change from the craft fairs I'm used to, where half the products being sold are either from health & beauty franchises, or bought in from factories (so not crafty at all). This craft fair had candles, photographic prints of local scenes, wood crafts, handmade cards, and much more!

Once we'd left the craft fair, we decided to head up the hill to nose at the cathedral.
It's a working cathedral and entry is free, though upon entering, it looked as though some kind of service was due to start, so we had a quick nose around the gift shop before heading back out into the good ol' British weather. Had they not been gearing up to start a service, I might have taken some photos inside, as the architecture is lovely! (Maybe next time!)

After ducking out of the rain to have lunch (which I'll write about in another post), we explored some of the shops there. I loved 'Kim's Bookshop', an old multistorey building jammed to the rafters with secondhand books. There were even bookcases lining the stairs! I was happy to find some fantasy novels I'd been after on the top floor--this is one of those shops where you're almost certain to find what you've been looking for!

Despite the terrible weather, we did manage to spend several hours roaming around Arundel!
Hopefully if I end up there in the future, the weather will be much better, and I can enjoy this picturesque town all over again!

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  1. The architecture in that town looks gorgeous!
    Also, that book shop seems like it was a treasure trove of a find! Happy reading :)