Friday, 25 November 2016

Fading Gold

Fading Gold

Once again I joined in with the Delightful Aberrations photography & art theme challenge this week, and used the prompts quarter and gold.

This time, I wanted to do something a bit different to what I do normally, and create a final image made from several photos.
The 'gold' prompt made me think of the 'golden hour'--the hour before sunset or after sunrise when the sun is (supposedly) softer and redder than during the day.
So I combined it with the 'quarter' prompt and set off on a walk a quarter hour before sunset, taking a snapshot of where I was at every 1/4km I walked, and finishing a quarter hour after sunset.

The resulting photos were sliced up in Photoshop Elements; I went the whole hog with the quarter prompt and used just a quarter-width of each photo. To emphasise the difference in lighting (because in England in November the sky tends to be varying shades of grey) I added a golden-yellow to purple gradient layer on top, setting it to overlay and 46% opacity.
Finally, because I wanted to make this image more than just a bunch of photos slotted together, I added the glittering, slowly-fading golden smear across the bottom, using a photo of gold eyeshadow smeared across white paper. (Well why not make your makeup multifunctional?!)

I played around with lots of ideas for this one, even within the idea that I used. These were some really great prompts!

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  1. This is a wonderful compilation picture! The way the colours change during the sunset is gorgeous! Also, the golden smear of sunshine (or you can call it eyeshadow if you want, haha) added over the top really brings the whole concept together and makes the different shades behind stand out even more.