Thursday, 10 November 2016

What's Energetic and Catchy?

It seems that music is all I've blogged about for the past few weeks, but - asides watching movies for goal #061 - I've not honestly done much worth sharing here. Time and energy have run away from me quite often lately, so I've not even had a chance to participate in the photo/art theme challenge that I like joining in with!

Anyway, music blogging isn't about to stop, because there are still a few weeks left of 2016!

So, in answer to the title of this post, what's energetic and catchy? Malaysian rock music!

Formed in 2005, this band apparently got their name from Sum 41's song, Crazy Amanda Bunkface.
There is definitely an American pop-punk influence to their sound, as well as their name, with a bouncy combination of rock and slightly-obnoxious (in a good way!) vocals.
The band have released songs both in English and in Malay (and with a mixtue of the two); most of what I listened to was sung in Malay with the occasional English phrase. I actually preferred the ones sung in Malay, though the English ones were also really catchy!
This band was fun to listen to, and worth a try if you like the genre.
Bunkface on Facebook

Kyoto Protocol
Based in Kuala Lumpur, this band has been active since 2009. Kyoto Protocol's have a really easy to listen to rock style, with catchy choruses and entertaining music videos!
This band performs mostly in English (I listened to one song that wasn't), and looking at their YouTube account, they've done a lot of covers, too (such as Summer Nights which is worth a look if you want a chuckle!)
I found this band really engaging to listen to, and will probably return to their music at some point so I can listen to more.
Kyoto Protocol Official Website

Really enjoyed listening to this week's new-to-me acts! Looking forward to hearing more new-to-me musical acts next week.

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