Thursday, 24 November 2016

Loyal Men, Cheating Men

Last week, I listened to some Egyptian acts for this challenge. This week, I'm sticking with the African continent, and listening to some new-to-me acts from Nigeria!

A reggae/dancehall artist active since 2009, this singer-songwriter began his musical career with underground collaborations with a number of other artists, going on to sign his first record contract in 2010 and subsequently changing record labels twice since then.
Though his music is listed as reggae, though to me seems like an updated, evolved form of the genre, with vocal effects and visuals that are more reminiscent of hip-hop videos (which I'm guessing is the dancehall aspect? Not that I'm exactly an expert in these genres!)
The music videos I watched are definitely more like the hip-hop ones that hit the European shores, in terms of filming style, dancing, styling and imagery.
Patoranking's music isn't a genre that I'd normally listen to, but I think it's the sort of thing that would grow on me if I listened to it often enough! Even if you usually dislike reggae, give this guy's music a listen!
(Can't seem to find a website, boo!)

Yemi Alade
After making her musical debut in all-girl group Noty Spices in 2005, afropop singer Yemi Alade shot into the spotlight in 2009 when she won the Peak Talent Show. Her song 'Johnny' (embedded above) smashed its way into the charts of several countries in late 2013 after being leaked onto the internet--this even before there was a music video to go with it!
Yemi's music is fun and feisty with a lot of catchy beats and phrases. Her videos are as fun as and interesting as the music itself, filled with modern and traditional-styled clothes made from traditional prints, lots of people and dancing, and both urban and rural scenery.
I listened to Yemi Alade not really knowing what to expect, as I'd not knowingly heard any afropop before, but I found her music really enjoyable. Again, it isn't something I'd normally listen to, but that's part of the point of this challenge--to actually listen to those acts, and find new and awesome things!
Definitely give Yemi's music a try!
Yemi Alade Official Website

That's this week's listening done. I hope the people reading this check both acts out! Read past musical posts on my Goal #29 tag, and check out my challenge playlist on YouTube.

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