Thursday, 3 November 2016

Tracks from the Other Side of the World (Ooooooooooh!)

My week has been tiring, and the week before this one was also tiring, so I'll cut the introductory babble and write instead about this weeks new-to-me artists, who come from New Zealand!

Darcy Clay
Active briefly in the late 1990s, singer/songwriter Darcy Clay came from Auckland, and recorded the instruments from his song Jesus I Was Evil (embedded above) on a 4-track recorder in his bedroom!
His music strikes me as a mix of sixties pop/rock with a hefty dose of punk rock mixed in for good measure, and seasoned with country. has his music tagged as 'stoner rock' which is also a pretty good way of categorising his sound!
I kind of liked his music, though some of it was a bit repetitive and it sounded a little unpolished. Still, if not for his death in 1998, perhaps Darcy Clay would have really honed his sound to the next level.
Give it a listen, anyway. There's something charming about this kind of countrified stoner punk rock.
(No official website. Boo.)

Concord Dawn
This drum and bass act have been active since the late 90s, and was originally a double act, though now the project of sole remaining member Matt Harvey.
Drum and bass isn't the kind of music I ordinarily listen to, though I have to admit this music woke me up from my tired state, which is definitely a good thing!
It has a lot of repetition which isn't my cup of tea, but the upbeat tempo makes it easier to listen to.
Concord Dawn's tracks are all quite long and have an electronic sound to them. Despite drum and bass as a genre not being my cup of tea, this is the sort of music I like playing as 'background noise' when I want to concentrate on something!
Concord Dawn on Facebook

Though I didn't dislike either act I heard this week, I probably won't be rushing to go back and listen some more. Still, both are on my YouTube playlist for this challenge, which you can find here!

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